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Jean Royere Aquarium Stand?

- 12 Dec 2012 -
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The seller rdobra6763js has listed what he is calling a Jean Royere table. He's claiming that he's owned it for 30 years and he broke the original top. If you check, he actually bought it from seller siblingrivalrysf in its original form as an aquarium. It was item # 130787428957.

Rago has also sold these aquarium stands as Royere. It's no doubt these "tables" are just aquarium stands.


- 13 Dec 2012

Changed his story...
I guess he changed his story about having owned it for 30 years. The description and price have both changed. What a scammer.

- 22 Sep 2016

Hey solenmakis. Say hi to Leo and Cindy for me.

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