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Age Herman Miller Eames Lounge Chair

- 30 Dec 2012 -
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a relative has given me this old Eames Lounge chair he had inherited. Now I want to know the age of this beautiful chair. Can someone help me with this?



- 30 Dec 2012

It would appear to be an older chair due to the round cushion clips. According to some, this would suggest the chair was produced prior to 1971.

Are the cushions filled with feather down?

- 30 Dec 2012

Thanks for your...
Thanks for your reply!

Yes the cushions are filled with feathers.

- 30 Dec 2012

where are you located?
the base looks like vitra - is there a label on the bottom side?

- 30 Dec 2012

Yes there is a logo on the...
Yes there is a logo on the bottom.
It says:

herman miller collection
Designed by eames

- 31 Dec 2012

Could you post a picture of t...
Could you post a picture of the bottom that shows the Herman Miller badge? It changed over the years and is helpful in determining a date.

- 03 Jan 2013

The name on the label...
The name on the label 'Herman Miller Collection' indicates it's a Pre Vitra (European) production (Fehlbaum).

- 05 Jan 2013

Finally I have a picture. It...
Finally I have a picture. It is not very sharp, but the best of all the pictures I made till now

- 06 Jan 2013

I also like to know how I...
I also like to know how I can see if the wooden shell is made of dalbergia nigra or santos rosewood.

- 06 Jan 2013

Are you in Europe? You have t...
Are you in Europe? You have the european/Vitra style base and the logo is not a US version. Vitra - along with a few other companies early on such as Hille (UK), ICF (Italy), and Mobeilier International (France) - produced the chairs under license from Herman Miller until some point in the 80s when Vitra got an exclusive license. I'm not too familiar with the European productions, but I can tell you that Herman Miller introduced Santos Palisander/Rosewood in 2006/2007 after stopping Brazilian Rosewood production in the 1991 due to environmental concerns. As your chair isn't a newer version, I'm pretty sure yours is Brazilian Rosewood.

- 06 Jan 2013

Thanks for your...
Thanks for your reply.

The cushions are filled with feathers en have the old metal clips, so I think it is an early production, so it must be Rosewood right?!

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