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Danish lamp id

- 30 May 2012 -
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Got this lamp very similar to a fog &morup lamp but slightly different same quality any ideas of maker thanks


- 02 Jun 2012

I think it is "Ultra"...
I think it is "Ultra" design by Jo Hammerborg for Fog & Mørup

- 03 Jun 2012

slightly different
I did think that but it's slightly different

- 17 Jan 2013

Very interested too
Do you sell it by any chance? Do you know where I can buy a pair? I looks amazing

- 20 Jan 2013

I did sell it
Yes I have sold the lamp as beautiful as it was

- 20 Jan 2013

The possibility that it is a Jules Wabbes is unlikely.
He has designed similar fictures but the connections between the rings where not flat metal strips but cylindrical pieces of brass, or brass plated steel.

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