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Wich drawers for my desk..?

- 09 Jul 2013 -
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Hello all,

I'm really smitten about these Jules Wabbes drawers.
He's my long time favorite designer, but prices are way to high for my budget.

As I'm planning to build a library (made measure, built in all around the room), and want to incorporate a table leaf, I'm looking for a mobile block of drawers to put under it.

I want something cubic, but with refinement. Maybe something like the Wabbes, with a combination of steel and wood/laminate...
Are there examples by other designers? Wich could be more in reach, or are more easily found in the secondhand market..


- 10 Jul 2013

I like the way this looks
but to big and high (arne vodder).

- 10 Jul 2013

That Arne Vodder chest is...
That Arne Vodder chest is awesome!

- 10 Jul 2013

the last two photos look as though they have replacement legs from Ikea....

- 10 Jul 2013

Keiji Ashizawa, pretty nice!

- 10 Jul 2013

Great so see some suggestions!
Maybe it's not a bad idea, Leif, to take a more generic type of chest and place some interesting feet under it..
That way you could transform such a piece in a design like the arne vodder chest of drawers, with the right esthetic approach (for instance: the same type of wood as the body, placed at the end of the steel legs).

Playful looking design, Heath! I didn't know that Japanese fellow, I'm looking into his work some more now..

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