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- 13 Sep 2006 -
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moreddi shows up as a mark on a number of Danish teak items. Does anyone out there know if this is a designer, company, or importer? I've come across the names Skovman and Anderson in relationship to the Moreddi mark...? any info would be helpful. Thanks


- 15 Sep 2006

does anyone know anything...
does anyone know anything about Moreddi?

- 21 Sep 2006

I was really hoping someone...
I was really hoping someone would reply to this thread too.

I recently acquired a beautiful dining table with hidden leaves that is stamped "Moreddi Danmark" with the great Moreddi crown logo. I have been unable to find any info about the company except examples of one other table and some chairs.

Can anyone enlighten us?

- 09 Nov 2006

a little bit of info
All I know about Moreddi is that it is not a manufacturing company or a designer, but an import company. Moreddi was owned by the Frank Bros. (Morris & Eddie Frank) & they were among the very first to import Danish Modern into the States, they also helped to furnish many of the case study homes during that time.
Hope that helps!

- 09 Nov 2006

Thanks for the info.
Thanks for the info.

- 25 Feb 2007

I Know about Moreddi!

I am Marni Frank. My Grandfather was Maury Frank who founded Moreddi with his Brother Ed Frank.

Moreddi was wholesale/import company that supplied furniture to their retail store, Frank Bros. Both companies were located in Long Beach Calif. Moreddi worked with a number of designers and manufacturers.

In the 1960's Frank Bros. & Moreddi split with Ron Frank (my father & Morry's son) taking over all of Frank Bros. & Ed Frank taking over all of Moreddi. Ed sold Moreddi in the early 1970's to DUX furniture.

Morry Frank died in early 1960. Ed Frank just passed away in 2005. My family still has the beautiful stamps that were used to mark the furniture they imported from Scandinavia.

If you are interested in more information I would be happy to hook you up with my father. He is always happy to talk to people about Moreddi, and so pleased people are still enjoying Moreddi furniture.

Marni (Frank) Good

- 02 Jul 2010

Moreddi chairs
Hello, How are you? I have 4 chairs signed with a cross Two capitol MM's and the word Denmark in the under side. Is this indeed Moreddi's mark? If so what role did the dane's play and where there a # of designers? It's really something the accompanying table is a DUX. Thank you, Joan P.S. three stack and I adore them.

- 04 Sep 2010

Moreddi furniture
I have a Moreddi dining table w/ 6 chairs made of Teak. How can I determine its value?

- 04 Oct 2010

Moreddi Dining Set
I have dining set- table, four chairs with black leather seats,china cabinet, and server. On the underside of the chairs is a tag that says made by Moreddi, Inc. Should I look for a stamp somewhere? I am selling. They are in fair/good condition. What should I price the set at?

- 04 Oct 2010

Oh No...........................
son of Mahogany Association

Be afraid......................

- 28 Oct 2010

Moreddi stamp info
Hello Marni,
I have recently become interested in some chairs a shop owner claims are moreddi, although they do Not seem to bear the stamp. Does this mean they are definitely fake, or is there a possibility they are authentic? (ie, they had a tag originally not a stamp, or table only was stamped, etc). Any information would be appreciated.
Thank you

- 20 Feb 2011

More Moreddi
I just got a Moreddi - Danmark stamped tray table that seems otherwise identical to the Fritz Hansen version except that mine does not fold. Any chance anyone knows if Moreddi got Fritz Hansen to produce some items for them to import?

- 20 Feb 2011

TCHP -- I doubt your table...
TCHP -- I doubt your table is a Fritz Hansen piece. While beautiful, it's more of an homage to the Soren Hansen design. If you look closely, the FH version has more slender/flat pointy legs, comes to a more defined point where it holds the tray and doesn't bow out as much at the top.

- 20 Feb 2011

Yes, I can see now that those details are different with the Fritz Hansen version.

- 07 Feb 2012

Help identifying this set?
Hi - I purchased a Danish modern dining set off of Craiglist for a song and the previous owners knew that they were teak and from Denmark, but beyond that couldn't give us any other info.

Can anyone help me identify the chairs? The table is marked with labels that I didn't see originally - Domus Danica and Heltborg Mobler and I think it's by John Mortensen. Someone on another site said they think the whole set is teak, but the only tables like this with the same names are rosewood.

I'm pretty sure the chair on the right is from Moreddi by Johannes Andersen. The other 3 chairs are Moreddi (again, I missed those markings when I was first wondering about the pieces!), but I can't find any others like it online. Can anyone tell me more about the chairs? The legs of those 3 chairs do not have the elegant tapered legs of the 1st chair so I don't think they're from the same set. Now that I think about it, there are 3 different origins to this set. I've figured out 2 of them, I just need help with the last one.

- 08 Feb 2012

The one on the right is definitely
Johannes Andersen for Moreddi. Not sure about the others

- 21 Jan 2013

RE: Info on Morredi / Frank Bros. ...
Hi Marni...I just recently came across your post on this forum while researching another Danish furniture manufacturer and was excited that a source of info exists for Morredi as it's a company I am currently researching. I've gone through the 'Finding Aids' for the Frank Bros. archives in the Getty but records are silent about any connection to Morredi... thus my enthusiasm to see your post. I would really welcome the chance to talk to you and your dad regarding Morredi's history. Best, chris kennedy

- 11 Dec 2015

I stumbled across this old thread looking for something else, and thought I'd offer an educated guess to one of the questions posed buy teapot in Feb 2012.

While I am not 100% sure of the manufacturer of the three dining chairs, I would place a small wager that they are by Randers based on two pieces of circumstantial evidence:

1) Randers made another chair with the same seat rails, leg connections, and rosewood racetrack plugs for the leg bolts (see photos), and

2) Moreddi was importing other Randers pieces, including dining chairs by Harry Ostergaard, which can be found with Moreddi stamps.

- 22 Sep 2016

I'm wondering if anyone has gained anymore knowledge about this. Do we know any more about which designer's works they imported? I picked up two beautiful tables today (coffee and side) and am really curious about who the designer would have been...

- 25 May 2017

I've been trying to track down more history on what designers they could have imported.


Bruno Matthson
Erik Andersen
Yngve Ekstrom
Edmond de Cneudt
Johannes Andersen
Hans Olsen
Palle Pedersen
Rastad & Relling
Hornung & Moller (piano maker lol)


Looks like Bruno Matthson is confirmed via NY times here...

forum user Leif Ericson helped identify this:
Erik Andersen and Palle Pedersen as designers for Randers Modelfabrik and Moreddi

Also found out via the book "The Store that modernized modern" which cites some of the Getty Archives, some of the Case Study houses were shot with Moreddi (and other) furniture

Designers listed in the photos below are: Yngve Ekstrom, Edmond de Cneudt, and Johannes Andersen

Also found out that Simmons acquired a merger of Raymor & Moreddi -- also worth noting that Thonet was/is also owned by Simmons at the same time. Looks like this is later than we're looking at though, since this is probably in the 70's. Moreddi being sold to DUX in '82

Speculation on the photo below (the one that identifies pieces as Moreddi but not designers)

1. If I'm reading the caption correctly, the coffee table in the living/dining area is similar to both Wegner and Folke Ohlsson, but not a match to either. Could it be earlier work?

2. I feel like someone can ID those dining chairs.... another Andersen?

- 25 May 2017

Well I'm going to try to make it out to the Getty archives this summer. Will update when I access those goodies.

(UPDATED original post)

- 25 May 2017
- 31 Jan 2018

So the trip to the Getty Archives are fruitful although they do not allow reproduction of their records (so I have sources, but I have to pay to share them... but I can tell you that if you do go you get results for free!)

@leif ericsson

As I'm getting more into the research of this stuff, I'd like to pick your brain some time about ethics/philosophy since the spread of information sometimes seems to commoditize design instead of relying on appreciation. do reply if you'd be interested in corresponding. you can reach me @

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