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Jules Wabbes desk chair

- 17 Nov 2013 -
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Hi Addicts,

I'm searching for a picture of the Jules Wabbes desk chair.
It's a chair on 4 wheels and mostly he has a black base.
There are two armrests wich are curved.

Thanks in advance!
Regards, T


- 17 Nov 2013

Thanks, but are you sure...
Thanks, but are you sure thats a real one?
I know there's a picture in the new book of Jules Wabbes where the chair is in the background.


- 17 Nov 2013

Why do you ask if you know it?

- 17 Nov 2013

I've actually found a...

I've actually found a chair like that but I need to found some more pictures to find out if it's really that chair.

Thanks again!

- 17 Nov 2013

It's not a Jules Wabbes desk chair.
Wabbes distributed some brands in Europe wich he liked to pair with his own designs.
Dunbar was such a brand, Velca he chose for office chairs and carts.

- 17 Nov 2013

Ok, thanks, thats a very...
Ok, thanks, thats a very helpfull comment!
Are these chairs Italian?
Are they getting rare?


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