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Grete Jalk France & Sons 118 Restoration Help using Straps not Coils

- 01 Jan 1970 -
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Hello, I would like to restore my recent purchase of a grete jalk chair and sofa by france and sons. I believe it to be the 118. The back is done with wood but both the chair and the sofa seat look like the seat bottom below.

Has anyone encountered the same? What do you think happened with mine and how can I get it back to what it once was.

Many many thanks in advance.


I do have a chair with the coils.


- 16 Aug 2014

Fix you picture link, please--
I might be able to help but not without a photo.

- 21 Aug 2014

Picture of Chair Bottom I am working on
Thanks so much for responding to my questions. I have spent the last hour trying to get this image to post and I'm not sure what I am doing wrong.

Finally I sent it to myself in an email and I can see it.

I hope you can see it here as well.

I look forward to hearing from you.


- 21 Aug 2014

Didn't work.
You have to upload the photo to a host site like Photobucket. Then open it there and copy the URL (the long string of words that starts out with http:// or https:// ) and paste it into the "associated web images" field below.

- 21 Aug 2014

Cross posted with Solange--
she fixed the link somehow even if the photo doesn't show in her post. It is a mystery!

Anyway, that looks like a narrow woven elastic webbing that someone DIY-stapled onto the frame (which I guess is pretty obvious). I don't know what the seat or back is supposed to look like on that chair, though. I don't even know what chair you're talking about--Jalk designed a bunch. Any chance of posting a photo of the whole chair? Someone might know just from looking at the seat alone but you'll have a better chance of an accurate answer if you can provide more photos.

eta: WHEW, finally got the photo to show. I hope it sticks. And having zoomed in a bit, it now looks to me like cotton webbing, not elastic.

- 21 Aug 2014

I _may_ have the model sofa...
I _may_ have the model sofa you are talking about. I have a model 128, and a model 168, both of which are said to be by Grete Jalk. I don't know what model 118 is. The photo you have posted looks nothing like the bottom of my sofas, though.

If you post a photo of your sofa as well, I may be able to help.

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