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- 15 Sep 2014

I would buy this couch for my spare room if:

- the price was cut in half
- they decided that painting the legs gold is super tacky and they should either stop or sell straight to Urban Outfitters
- there wasn't an unsightly metal rod underneath
- it wasn't a futon like every other simple couch being made today
- it wasn't sold at Walmart

... I guess I won't buy this couch.

- 15 Sep 2014

They really irk me for some reason. I think it's because they look like brother and sister.

Oh yeah, and their style is rather obnoxious.

- 15 Sep 2014

Family of the Year
really expensive dorm fixings seem to be their shtick. not only is their style obnoxious, but their entire website as well---
--- am I the only person who gives zero shits about rich-family-on-vacation photos?

- 15 Sep 2014

hah yes this whole thing...
hah yes this whole thing bugs me. maybe i should have filed it under is the mid century market slowing down.

- 15 Sep 2014

or perhaps
file it under "Walmart is slowing down, and reaching"

- 15 Sep 2014

makes sense
Target released the "Design for All" product line over a decade ago, and it's been gaining momentum each year. Now they're dominating the discount retailer industry. Walmart has been struggling to find a way to tap into that market for awhile, but it's Walmart-----

they can change their logo but they can't change their image.

- 15 Sep 2014

walmart in america...the incredibly high cost of cheap
my politics do not allow me to shop there...thank goodness...

- 15 Sep 2014

Walmart exploit workers
Walmart have an international reputation for busting unions
and exploiting workers via poor working conditions
and low wages. I would also never shop there.

- 15 Sep 2014

Walmart is as expensive as De...
Walmart is as expensive as Design Within Reach they're just better at externalizing costs.
Every Walmart store costs the state it's in 500k in benefits to employees.
China's environment is crap because of what they make for places like Walmart. Sure they do it cheaper in China because some unscrupulous manufacturer dumps the chemicals used to glue that particle board together in to local rivers.
There is a great "pacific garbage patch" partly teeming with garbage coming off the Walmart tanker super highway.

True: 14 Walmart heirs now have more wealth than the bottom half of American combined.

True: Walmart profits dropped last year because they can't keep their shelves stocked. They can't keep their shelves stocked because they can't hire enough workers because they pay crap wages.

Let's not forget...their stores are just gross.

The list against Walmart is long. Only selfish welfare bludging idiots and people who think owning a houseful of garbage is better than owning one or two nice things they found off of Craigslist shop there.

- 15 Sep 2014

I'm not an advocate of Walmart...
I'm not an advocate of Walmart, but @keewee you and others in this thread need to get off your high horse. I'm not sure what part of the world your from, but you clearly have no idea what it's like not to have the "luxury" of buying anything other than crap on Craigslist. Unless you're near an urban / suburban area, you're going to be hard press to find anything other than crap on craigslist.

Maybe you can imagine that not everybody has a car, not everybody has a computer, not every has a stable income, but the community bus line goes to Walmart where some people can actually afford some things and that sometimes no matter what it is, it can feel gratifying to buy something that is "new".

If you want to debate about the ethics of Walmart that's one thing, but to classify those who shop there as "selfish welfare bludging idiots" that's another...

- 15 Sep 2014

I generally don't begrudge people who shop at Walmart, except for those who can easily afford not to but do it anyway because they think that's where they can get the "cheapest" prices.

- 15 Sep 2014

I don't think we need to debate walmart on this forum and I did not mean to feed that. Walmart, their policies, manufacturing and hiring has hurt badly the very people you are making an example of Dennis.
We all have choice and there is consequence for each one we make for ourselves and others locally and around the world. The most powerful vote we have is likely with our pocketbook and if we do not change anything personally nothing will change in the bigger picture.

I am amazed here in canada how many people are simply not educated about the high cost of cheap. But it is irrefutable the damage it has done to the manufacturing cities in the US. Trickle down indeed.
If you are informed and still choose to give walmart your dollar there you go. We are not all wealthy or on a high horse and some of us came to the thrift store the first time in real need but most of us are hardworking, intrepid and big recyclers .
I embrace the lifestyle of quality second hand...and have for at least 30 years...first by need and then heavily by choice. Which has resulted in my ability to give back generously at this point to others in need!

- 15 Sep 2014

@LCA I see where you're...
@LCA I see where you're coming from, but when you live in an area where Walmarts rule the land the idea of choices becomes greatly limited, especially when those thrift stores in the area are full of nothing but used goods from the said Walmart.

- 16 Sep 2014

Yes...let's put the full weight of responsibility for change directly on the shoulders of the least fortunate among us...

- 17 Sep 2014

I have never shopped at
Walmart. The owners/ceos are way too greedy at the detriment of their employees.

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