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Nelson CSS catalog?

- 18 Sep 2007 -
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Has anyone seen a definitive catalog of available Comprehensive Storage System (CSS) pieces?

I have two groupings of CSS and I have some pieces that are not often seen.

Wonderful shelving, this.


- 19 Sep 2007

i'm not sure if there's a 'definitive' css catalog, given how long they were made. pieces may be in one year's, but not another's (i assume).

i have a '61 or '63 HM price list / catalog (can't recall which right now), which, in one part, includes all the CSS components then-available (as standard; i'm sure you could've special-ordered all sorts of things), along with price (if i recall).

what odd or unusual pieces do you have?

- 19 Sep 2007

Well...let's see
1st assmbly:
3 96" aluminum poles
2 96" black lacquer poles
11 32" aqua lacquer shelves
2 32" walnut shelves with built-in florescent lights
2 32" walnut shelves with sliding door glides
1 32" white formica top desk with 2 drawers
1 white shade round light fixture
1 black cylinder light fixture

2nd assembly
1 yellow round light fixure
3 78" black lacquer poles (quite rare)
1 48" three level shelf unit with lift-up front and cubbyholes
2 48" walnut shelves
1 48" walnut top desk with 2 drawers
1 32" two level shelve unit with sliding doors
1 29 1/2" tall orange lacquer end cover

plus stabilzers and hardwre, etc.

- 20 Sep 2007

posting pix
New to this forum....How do I upload pix?

- 23 Jul 2008

I have a walnut top 32" desk with two drawers that I would like to trade for a white formica top 32" desk with two drawers. Would you be interested?

- 24 Jul 2008

Norm: I DO have the white
32" white formica top desk with two drawers, but it's got a couple of marks on the top, and since I have my turntable on it (yes, Virginia, I still have a turntable!), I want the sturdy top, rather than the Walnut which'll scratch.


- 24 Jul 2008

No problem...I'll keep...
No problem...I'll keep looking:) Just looks a little funny between the two Micarta tops...


- 24 Jul 2008

Heck, no, Norm
It looks beautiful! Nice contrast.

My two CSS installtions:

first is the normal 96" poles; in my den with my stereo and my CDs

second is the shorter poles, properly mounted to the wall with display pieces. I have adjusted the shelves; the double sliding doors on the left are now up where the magazine shelf was and on the bottomn left is now two bumped out drawers with a matching bumped out shelf on top.

- 24 Jul 2008

Thank You for saying so...I...
Thank You for saying so...I guess the only way I'll know which I like better will be to find a white one and swap them out, then selling the one I don't want.

- 24 Jul 2008

You have some very nice...
You have some very nice pieces there...I've had this setup for 25 years has moved with me from my first house (where it was set up) and stored for two more houses and now finally I have it set up again (to stay). If I ever move out of here the new owner gets it. Did you buy yours all at once or was it a labor of love?

- 24 Jul 2008

I inherited the 6 96" poles
(2 in black and 2 in silver) and 11 turquoise lacquered shelves from a dear friend. They were in storage and the lamentation on the shelves got wet, so they're in varying states of condition, I had most of the hardware, but no connecting pole stabilizers. (My friend had them resting on the wall.)

I started bidding on various pieces on eBay. I got:

* a bunch of stablizers,
* those 3 shorter black poles,
* the white lamenated 32" desk and drawer unit,
* 2 walnut 32" shelves with attached alluminum tube light fixures,
* 1 32" walnut shelf,
* 1 32" Pendeflex file unit,
* 1 32" two-level unit with sliding walnut doors
* 1 32" magazine shelf
* 2 32" walnut shelves with alluminum door slides and the walnut sliding front doors
* 1 46" the lamenated desk and drawer unit
* 1 46" 3 shelf 'custom unit" with dividers
* 1 black bottom light cylinder
* 1 black top and bottom light cylinder
* 1 white plastic light fixure
* 1 yellow plastic light fixure
* 1 orange lacquered end panel
* 2 32" individual walnut drawers with the mounting rail
* 1 32" bumped-out walnut shelf that matches the increased side of those drawers

Well, that's the inventory.

I also have an extra 46" walnut shelf and some extra pole stablizers...and some hardware, leftover.

God bless eBay!

- 31 Dec 2015

Well, I managed to get my 44 page CSS instruction booklet reprinted. I put it up on eBay as a reasonably priced set sale.

If any of you have enough CSS pieces to assemble a bookshelf, you'll need this booklet since it gives you step-by-step instructions how to assemble whatever pieces you might have.

There is also a visual check list of available pieces being made in 1962, too!

- 03 Jan 2016


I'd paypal you the original $20 you were asking for a copy.

Also looking for a few wall anchor clips and any other pieces that anyone has out there!

Big thanks!


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