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Danish Cube Dry Bar...Poul Heltborg maybe?? What do you think??

Product design
- 07 Jul 2016 -
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Product design

Hello guys!!

I've just bought today this beautifully made portable Cube Dry Bar , but even when I havn't gone for a full research myself i wanted to know what to do you think.

Beautiful design in rosewood, with brass hinges and locks. Marked in black "Made in Denmark" several times at the bottom. Also at the bottom there is what it appears to be the rest of a rectangular sticker that would have saved me some trouble if it was still there :)))) Bottle rack is lined in black vinyl and it has also a drawer that can be opened from both sides. Thats 4 doors there, that once opened it allows you to swivel the flip top table and double the size of it (it's 63x63x63 cm when closed) making the whole thing useful as a cocktail or coffee table. It has wheels, so it can be use as a portable cart bar too.

I've seen similar things on some Poul Heltborg designs, made for Domus Danica fabric, but nothing going in this way and shape.

Any leads on this??

Thank you all!!

Danish Cube Dry Bar...Poul Heltborg maybe?? What do you think??
1960 - 1969


- 08 Jul 2016

With those wheels i am more inclined to place it as an english make.
Can you show the hinges and locks maybe?

- 08 Jul 2016

Thanks for your answer!!

Couldn't take close up hinges and locks photos yet. But i got the wheels and black marks at the bottom.

Actually, they have the mark "MADE IN ENGLAND" and what it looks to say "SEG. DES. No 902735"???
It still shows also the "MADE IN DENMARK" black mark on the bottom wood piece, two of them.

So, british made furniture with danish wood or danish made furniture with british wheels??

I'll post a couple of close up photos of hinges and locks as you required.

Thanks again for your answer!! And thanks also to anyone that may join!!


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