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- 13 Dec 2016

Stendig was only an importer, not a manufacturer. Therefore I think the following is correct:

Robert Haussmann (Designer), De Sede (Manufacturer), Charles Stendig (importer)

Stendig imported a number of European Manufacturers pieces to the US, primarily from Italy though, including Gavina, De Sede, and others.

- 14 Dec 2016

ATLAS from 1990 Stendig binder I recently picked up. I included 1990 pricing.

- 14 Dec 2016

Nice Jesgord. Always good to have the actual documentation to prove out an attribution.

- 14 Dec 2016

Thank You, I will be posting for sale

- 14 Dec 2016

In that case, I think Jesgord and myself deserve a 5% cut for services rendered. Jesgord probably deserves 4% of the 5, but I will happily take my 1%.

- 14 Dec 2016

I noticed that most pricing is euros or pounds is this site mostly in Europe or America

- 15 Dec 2016

just found this site and didn't know much about it, but when a lot of prices were euros and pounds. I thought maybe it was over the pond, Thanks for info.

- 15 Dec 2016

OK here is a recap. We are located in Europe (Belgium).

Our visitors comes from the whole world.

40% America
40% Europe
10% Asia
10% Rest of the world (mostly Oceania and a tiny bit of Africa)

Our statistics don't take aliens into account so no Ernest Ting-Poohsay here ;-)

- 15 Dec 2016

The high math of 40% America, 40% Europe, 10% rest of the world was usually espoused by Yogi Berra.

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