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DrPoulet's home tour

Interior design
- 09 Jan 2017 -
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Interior design

Hi to all

I have been posting more or less regularly on this forum for a couple of years and feels like unveiling myself a bit now.

So... I am 36, happily married, I have 2 young children. I live in the greater Paris region in France in a highly multicultural, working class city.

My interrest (obsession?) in design started with Kaiser Idell bauhaus lamps to quickly expand to danish modern furniture.

My appartment is not that big and will just post picture of my living room and my (large) bed room.

Let's start the tour!


- 09 Jan 2017

This is the dining corner of my living room.

The table is a very large Henning Haernulff Vejle table in teak that I salvaged from my local charity store.

The white chairs are Eames reproductions that were the best I could afford when I bought them. There is also a real upholstered Eames chair by Vitra and a Peter Hvidt for Soborg #316 chair.

The round teak mirror is by Aarhus Glasimport. The secretary is french vintage (varnished beech).

The black table lamp is a vintage 6556 Kaiser Idell and the floor one is a new anglepoise.

The clock is a vintage simplex clock. I believe it is an american brand... I don't know if they are visible on the picture but there are a few Arabia Pomona jam pots on the secretary.

- 09 Jan 2017

Here you have:
* An Ikea Karlstadt sofa with Marimekko cushions.
* Rosewood coffee table by Grete Jalk for Poul Jeppesen (PJ106)
* A highback easy chair in teak by Poul Volther for Frem Rojle (#341) that I will soon have reupholstered.
* A Hans Wegner for Andreas Tuck teak sewing table (AT33) with a Kay Bojesen toy soldier, a vintage JAT advertisement and AJ Visor table lamp (Louis Poulsen).

On the walls:
* A vintage hunting trophy from Germany. The poor animal was killed in 1953 so I do not feel too guilty about it ;)
* An african mask from Benin. The white on its face is a symbol of death (I did not know that when I bought it) so my wife does not feel too confortable having it in our living room...
* A vintage wrestling poster (1950s-1960s) and vintage israeli ads for a local soda.
* Finally, a Marimekko fabric that I framed.

- 09 Jan 2017

From another angle...
* A Svend Aage Eriksen for Glostrup armless easychair. Will have it soon reupholstered too. Another one is waiting for restoration in my garage...
* The small shelves is by Tomado Holland. I like to put my small findings on it (dala horses, books, another Israeli vintage ad, etc...)
* Vintage french birdcage.
* There is also a rosewood R. Hesland LP rack for Bruksbo hiding behind the sofa

- 09 Jan 2017

My Brdr. Dalsgaard afrormosia planter serving its purpose...

- 09 Jan 2017

Going upstairs... (from left to right)
* Side table by Arne Jacobsen for Fritz Hansen (#3514), made in 1968.
* FD137 and FD137F Japan chair and ottoman by Finn Juhl for France & Son.
* A square coffee table in oak by Borge Mogensen for Fredericia (#6288).
* an Hans Wegner for Andreas Tuck teak and oak tea cart (without its wheels!) with a vintage Kaiser Idell "Luxus" lamp on it (#6631).
* Safari chair in leather and smoked ash by Kaare Klint for Rud. Rasmussen.
* A Munkegaard school desk by Arne Jacobsen for Fritz Hansen with a 3105 mosquito chair. The globe is a vintage french one from the 1970s.
* The rug is a kilim from eastern Turkey dating from the first half of the 20th century.

and a lot of books.

- 09 Jan 2017

Bed side tables...
* Oak bed side table by Borge Mogensen for Soborg (#148) with yet another Kaiser Idell table lamp.
* A teak side table by Kai Kristiansen for Aksel Kjersgaard (#381) with a lucite A. Palatnik sculpure and a dutch pickles jar lamp.
* The rug is a vintage flat weave rug from Slavonia (Eastern Croatia).

- 09 Jan 2017

You have a lovely collection (and home), DrPoulet! Very well executed.


Aunt Mark

ps You are such a valued poster on this forum by many of us. Thank you for all that you do.

- 09 Jan 2017

very nice . . . although I was hoping to see a chicken somewhere.

- 09 Jan 2017

Wonderful! I love the eclecticity (?!) of it.

- 10 Jan 2017

Thank you DrPoulet for sharing your amazing apartment. I appreciate how high style mingle and coexist with more affordable stuff and it clearly shows who inhabits this space. I also like that it is evolving and you acquired your possession for your pure affection for them and not just for effects. You sold me on the Dutch pickles jar lamp...a little touch of quirkiness does not do any harm and add a bit of playfulness to a serious design collection.

Don't let Dwell magazine put a fruit bowl or fuzzy people and pets in the collection.

- 10 Jan 2017

Wow! Thank you all for your kind words! Much appreciated.

- 10 Jan 2017

Very nice! As someone who is still new to collecting it's great to see what can be accomplished.

Love the Brdr. Dalsgaard afrormosia planter!! The more plants the better!

- 10 Jan 2017

I, too, dear Doctor, admire your courage and willingness to share your lovely home in this way. So nicely done!

Your family is very fortunate (and considerably more tidy than mine). Thank you!

- 10 Jan 2017

Wow, j'adore! Vous avez vraiment bien aménagé votre appartement.
Et il est bien rangé… difficile de croire que 2 jeunes enfants y vivent! ;)

- 10 Jan 2017

Dr. Poulet that was a lovely surprise, your home is beautiful and shows your great sense of style and taste. Thank you for sharing!

- 11 Jan 2017

thank you for that DrPoulet, you have an absolutely beautiful collection of pieces and decor!


- 05 Sep 2017

I don't think I ever jumped in and thanked you for this post back when I originally read it. You have a great collection going, it spans many of the great designers, and the layout proves that the owner is not just an admirer of design, but also accomplished at its application. Certainly a beautiful home.

Now that I have buttered you up, I am going to ask for your assistance. My wife and I will be in Paris this Saturday for a few days, and then on to Amsterdam for a few more. It will be her first time in your lovely city, so we will be doing some of the normal sight-seeing rounds.

But I was also interested in doing a little hunting for my own pleasure, so I was wondering if you could recommend any shops, flea markets, areas, etc. in Paris that would be worth a visit, for hunting vintage design items. We share a similar design taste, so I expect that you might have some insight ..... which might concern you with respect to stealing-away potential finds, but remember I wont be able to bring many, if any large items back with me. Especially since I have to lug anything in find in Paris, on the Thalys, up to Amsterdam, and then home on an airplane.

Edit: removed email.

Thanks in advance for any assistance, and I also understand if you are unable to reply, as this is somewhat short notice.

- 06 Sep 2017

Hi Zephyr.
Thanks for your kind words. It is actually strange to see how things change in not even a year. I should think of posting some update here...

I'll be happy to share some tips about Paris. Will write you an email this evening when I'll have more time.

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