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Furniture design at trade prices

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anonymous (not verified)
- 24 Jul 2017 -
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Dear members, if any of you are interested in acquiring any European furniture and lighting design at prices that are only available to the interior design trade please contact me. I


- 24 Jul 2017

Hi Maple Leaf.

We raise chickens on our patio for both pets and meat. Could you suggest socially acceptable upholstery and proper case goods for our unique situation? I think that a printed textile would be best, but you are a professional. I like your ideas. We have a lamp already.

Kind free advice sought,

Aunt Mark

- 24 Jul 2017

Hi Maple Leaf,

I know that you must be busy, but we need your help. We both have seen a tasteful chicken wire appliqué applied behind door frames,etc. on china hutches and other furnishings. I've clipped pictures out of all of the leading design magazines showing wonderful european fabrics applied behind (to soften the chicken wire). We have 36 chickens. 4 produce eggs, 6 are pets, and the rest are raised for meat. We need your help. I just don't know what direction to take?? Again, we have a lamp.


Aunt Mark

ps do you charge for a consultation?

- 25 Jul 2017

Why naturally we only have names for the fowl who lay eggs... and the pets. The other 26 all have the same tender name of "Chainsaw".

But SDR named the 4 layer's:

~Local Yolk
~Squat Rocks

And the 6 pets are named

~Kitty or Titty.?
~Penny Pingleton
~Butch Trucks RIP
~Lucky Peach

All birds are kept in the same cage.

We are so proud,

Aunt Mark

ps or was it all just a dream?

pss. we have a lamp.

- 26 Jul 2017

I think it needs to be noted to Maple Leaf that your requirement of European designer lighting at trade prices is minimal as you have a lamp.

Out of curiosity (sorry to deviate from the topic quite a lot), did you acquire your current lamp at trade prices or retail prices?

- 26 Jul 2017

That's a tough question to answer kyle (if you mean our lamp).

We saved and licked enough S & H Green Stamps for our lamp acquisition, and had enough stamps left over to lick for a set of tv trays ( sparkly roasted chicken decoupaged tops). Nice one's. Yup.

It was brutal on my tongue, but I'm still fine.


Aunt Mark

ps. I'm in therapy.

- 26 Jul 2017

I think I was talking about your lamp. I now wonder if he sells decoupaged TV trays at trade prices.

- 26 Jul 2017

Oh thank god. I was worried that you traded one of the chickens to get the lamp.

- 26 Jul 2017

Hi Design Poodles.

I'm in shock therapy .


Your Aunt, back soon.

- 26 Jul 2017

Well Dr. Poulet kindly suggested upping the voltage to 220 for the shock therapy sessions... and has offered up a set of jumper cables (a nice set).

I think that the vodka is helping. I do.

Be my friend,

Aunt Mark

- 26 Jul 2017


We interrupt this broadcast with a commercial break from our sponsor.



Aunt Mark

- 27 Jul 2017

Ahahaha... yes, I can get high end European jumper cables at trade price.. It is always a pleasure if I can help another design addict.

- 27 Jul 2017

Such an angel are you, Dr. P.


Aunt Mark

ps I can't stand the itching, but I don't mind the swelling.

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