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Scandinavian/Danish style desk

Product design
- 30 Nov 2017 -
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Product design

Hey all. I bought this desk at auction several months back and, at the time, I thought that it was likely newer construction, maybe a higher end desk you could pick up at Ikea.

Looking at it lately, I have noticed the hardware gives the impression that it is older due to using flat head screws and square nuts.

My question is if it could possibly be vintage, and maybe a designer I could attach to it. I am selling the desk so obviously I would like to be able to say if there were a designer.

Also, it has use of particle board that seems unique to me. It appears to be a thin layer of particle board pressed between two layers of wood that I feel is thicker than typical veneers. The manufacture also went through great lengths to cover the particle board and it is only noticeable if you look closely at the top of the inside, and on one of the bolts holding the feet. From what little I know of Danish furniture, it gave me the impression of something they would do in design.

Thanks in advanced for any input.

Scandinavian/Danish style desk


- 01 Dec 2017

It is not Danish, it is American. The veneer is walnut, The interior is a mish-mash of white oak, plywood, walnut, and almost looks like pine on the drawer sides. I would guess 1960s.

It has similarities to American of Martinsville's Dania Collection, with the angled drawer faces. They were really good about marking their pieces however, and their construction quality was a step or two above this piece, so the likelihood is low, that this is part of the Dania collection. I get the feeling that it may have been a custom piece, or something that was heavily repaired.

Just my opinion, but the likelihood of finding a designer, or even a manufacturer, tells me that your time would be better spent giving it a really good oiling, as this will probably take less time, and yield a greater sales price.

Sorry, not trying to be a jerk, it has a good look to it, but the construction/design quality, is not that of a piece you would gain any benefit from knowing the designer or manufacturer.

- 01 Dec 2017

I also wondered if it is custom. It is a simple statistics that it is very unlikely to find any more information on this piece in a sane amount of time. And it is also simple statistics that said information, if you find it, is unlikely to be well remunerated.

- 01 Dec 2017

Thanks Zephyr.

I don't take honest opinions as being a jerk, I really appreciate anyone who spends some of their time in answering my questions.

I wondered about the some of interior wood as it looked like knotted pine to me, and it also makes sense now to me for it to be custom because it just had a strangeness factor to it I couldn't place with my very limited knowledge.

Also thanks for your input Leif.

When I originally bought it I put a great deal of time searching due to my curiosity and the chance to learn a little in the process and did not find anything. Looked again the other day and still came up empty.

Although it looked unique, my gut was telling me it probably was not a high end designed piece and its nice to know it was right.

Thanks again for both of your input.

- 01 Dec 2017

Also, the bolt for the leg I show in the picture, that is the only one like that.

The rest of the leg bolts are above the inside wood. It didn't quite hit me as to why there was the odd ball one someone had cut a square of the inside wood out and had that leg bolted above the particle board. Now thinking about it being custom made, maybe they had the wrong length bolt on that one leg and decided to quickly resolve it by cutting back the wood to be able to secure the nut.

The bolt does not appear long enough to have ever been above the inside wood, so I think that may be the reason.

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