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Help identifying an Ercol chair

- 01 Jan 1970 -
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Hi, I need help identifying the maker of a chair I'm restoring. I bought two painted chairs at Malvern Flee fair at the weekend thinking they were Ercol style and possible even a 50's utility chairs however as I have started to strip them I can't find any marks except the letters AE carver into the back of the underside of one of them.

I would really like to know the year they were made and who made them. There are identical chairs online calling themselves Ercol one of which has a 1960 Ercol kitemarked and one has a partial ercol sticker however I can't find a single reference to Ercol making such a chair in any of their online historical catalogues.

I plan to restore it whoever the maker is as I like the shape, but it would be great to know its history. I have found Ercol's 4 and 6 spindle stick back and Windsor chairs however this 5 spindle back is a mystery.

I can only find an image of a dark version of the chairs online ( mine are light under all the paint) however this is the exact same chair listed as 70's Ercol which seems to make no sense at all. I've also given a link to the same chair on ebay with the kitemark on but this just confuses me more as if this was made by Ercol in 1960 why isn't it in any of their advertising literature?

Any help would be greatly appreciated.


- 28 Aug 2014

The legs on an Ercol chair come up into, and end, in the seat

The legs on your chair don't, but I don't know the maker, sorry.

Priory could be a possibility.

- 28 Aug 2014

Thanks for the info
Hi, I've done lots of work on the chair today and found the legs do come up through the seat as you mentioned. The image I attached before was from a vintage site which had what I though was an identical chair however now I've stripped it the legs are different.

Is this a better sign of it being Ercol? I will check out Priory as a maker to see if I can track it down.

- 21 Jan 2018

Hi. The Ercol chair that you are probably thinking about is the Model 400. This was a variant of the utility scheme chair knows as the 4A. You can find out more about these chairs on my blog here -

I don't think that the chair you have is Ercol - I have not seen an Ercol chairs with a seat like that.

Hope that helps - happy to offer more information.


- 21 Jan 2018

Looks like a 4A chair, but the seat should be more curved, what was very typical for Ercol and appeared on almost every chair. Also the 4A chair was very successful and therefore copied by many competitors.

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