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- 03 May 2018 -
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New to the forum... first post.

I have a dresser that came from my grandparents house (they're both deceased so I can't ask them about it). I don't think it's an antique. I don't know when they bought it or how old it is. I've looked everywhere for some kind of manufacturer or maker label and there is nothing. The drawers are dove-tailed. There is a bottom to each section that the drawers slide into.

Does anyone here recognize the design at all or have any advice as to where I might be able to find more info about this dresser?

Thank you so much.

Learn More About This Piece


- 03 May 2018

Weird photo, kinda far away to tell. It looks like relatively recent vintage, though the shapely mirror and the pierced lower frame of the mirror are somewhat unusual these days. Category-- slightly nouveau generic European traditional. Fine furniture but not a Design Piece. Nicely matched Phillipine mahogany. Not super fancy but not bad either, reasonably tasteful. Applied decorations that are likely lacquered molded plastic resin, if it's newer. Any plastic on the drawer guides? Closer pics or pics of cab. interior and drawer bottoms etc. may help to better estimate age. Don't sweat it too much though.

- 04 May 2018


Does it have a Mahogany Association Number on the backside? And what country are you in?

Hi, and more

Aunt Mark

ps it might help. why not?

- 04 May 2018

1900-1930's American neo-something-or-other. Part of a bedroom suite common to the period.

If in good shape, could work as an accent piece in the right setting.

A closeup of drawer construction, bottom, back, and/or case interior might help with dating.

- 05 May 2018

Thank you for your comments and help thus far.

The photo looks odd because it was taken in my garage and there was a lot of clutter around it so I cut it out and pasted it on a white background. I left the mirror alone though so you can see the garage ceiling and door reflected in it.

Here are a few more pictures that might help. Nothing in it or on it appears to be plastic. There are no drawer guides... the drawers slide and rest on the wood bottom of each 'drawer box'.

- 05 May 2018

Stylistically, it's a mishmash. Could be as late as the 1940's but, otherwise, everything I mentioned above applies. Pieces like this were mass-produced and available at any furniture or department store in the US at the time. Not rare or valuable.

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