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Nice documentary about George Nakashima

- 16 May 2018 -
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Hi, that's a great story about a great designer (and wood worker himself) I did not know.

Has anybody ever reported one of his pieces on "the last thing that you acquired"? That would be impressive.




- 16 May 2018

Thanks for posting this Ernest.

I do not own any of the studio examples but in the early days of the studio in 1946, he made pieces for Knoll Asdociates.

If ithe non studio examples count, I have 4 of the straight back chairs & a dining table by Knoll (from the street ages ago) & a desk by Widdicomb.

If I want to sit on a vintage studio example of the 'conoid' bench, the Boston Museum of Fine Arts & the Indianapolis Museum of Art has examples for sitting ( without getting thrown out of the museum).

- 17 May 2018

There's a reading room on the second floor of the Metropolitan Museum (gallery #232) furnished with many Nakashima pieces available for visitors to use. That it has remained so for decades is testament to the durability of his design and craftsmanship.

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