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leather wingback lounger, id?

- 02 Jul 2008 -
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I just bought this high-back lounger, cost me about 15$.
The covering is in what seems to be a high quality soft leather, doublestitched (a bit like equestrial leathers).
The legs are tapered in wood, maybe stained oak, but not sure.
It reminded me somehow to chairs made by dunbar. I'm not very familiar with the brand, but I like Jules Wabbes and he seems to have worked together with them quite a few times..
Could any of you give my any info or an id?
Thanks in Advance!


- 03 Jul 2008

No one?
Could it be...

No one?
Could it be scandinavian, british, american? What period?
Just a no-name, anonymous chair?
What do you think about it, do you like it?
(I know this is no nelson clock but hey..)

- 03 Jul 2008

Thanks for making me laugh this morning. I saw your post yesterday and thought it was a beautiful, comfortable looking chair. And for $15! What's the story behind how you bought such a gorgeous chair for that little? I don't have any thoughts on the designer. I'll look through some of my books on Scandinavian design and see if I can find anything. It's really beautiful, BJ. Congratulations.

- 03 Jul 2008


and it isn't British..
That's as much help as I can be :)

- 04 Jul 2008

aaaaah (relieve)
thanks for the response!!
i bought the chair in a second-hand shop, a sort of salvation army thing ('kringloopwinkels' their called in dutch).
it's weird: through the i get sometimes an appetite for certain products and design...(this isn't always a good thing..), like some months ago when there was a topic about desks. i got very fascinated with small, elegant desks (gio ponti, nelson,..) and then eventually, out of nowhere, stumbled upon one myself. the same happened with the chair: the last weeks i had a certain craving for wingback chairs (wegner, papa bear-chair, ox-chair...), i really liked it's form and sort of classical character. and bam, this week i see this one hiding between a tacky laminated kitchentable and a faux-teak armoire!
i hope this theme carries on!

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