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- 30 Oct 2008

Kevi Chair. You can often...
Kevi Chair. You can often pick these up on ebay for under $100.00

Jorgen Rasmussen

- 30 Oct 2008

I love my
Aeron Chair, but you might think it's ugly.

- 30 Oct 2008

Aeron is certainly the best task chair for comfort, imo.

An upholstered Loose Cushion Armchair, Aluminum Group, or Knoll Saarinen chair might be a nice choice.

- 30 Oct 2008

I have to agree
Love the look or hate it, the Aeron is a very comfotable chair for long duration sit-a-thons. I have NEVER had a chair that I find to be as comfortable to work in than that chair. It kind of looks like a high performance sports sneaker to me, but I don't care, my lower spine still loves me at the end of the day.

- 30 Oct 2008

Eames Aluminum group can be had for about 500 on Ebay, cheaper on Craigslist at times. I very much like the Saarinen Executive chair on the caster base.

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