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Dinnerware that doesn't clank

- 08 Nov 2008 -
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Anyone got any? Whats it made out of? Is it possible? I live alone so it doesn't bother me, but when visitng friends and family the sound of dishes and cutlery being put away is infuriating, crash! bang!

Does anyone know how to move with co-ordination and silence now or are we all bulls in china shops?


- 08 Nov 2008

more silence and similar at the eye...

- 08 Nov 2008

ceramic with a rubber ring li...
ceramic with a rubber ring like the ones on Rosti bowls would be good.

- 09 Nov 2008

William Holden-Caulfield...

Such good advice for so many things.

- 09 Nov 2008

would like these.

- 09 Nov 2008

How about getting your a$$...
How about getting your a$$ up and putting them away yourself ;)

- 10 Nov 2008

drugs would take the edge off the clatter.

or get a cleaner to load the dishwasher the morning after the guests have left .........

or ear muffs ?

- 10 Nov 2008

Rubber place mats...
or a rubber table top, which I have always thought made sense. Easy to clean. Easy to color during fabrication. Easy to throw a proper cotton table cloth on. Reduced risk of glasses and plates braking when knocked over or dropped on the table. And it encourages persons to use glass and ceramics rather than petroleum distillates in their plates. My dream would be a table made from bamboo, or some other readily replaceable biodegradeable material with a table top surface of rubber from rubber trees in a rubber plantation. No petroleum distillates at all.

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