Nanny Still died on May 7 2009


Nanny Still was one of the most colourful figures of Finnish design. Born in Helsinki in 1926, she started her career in 1949 at the Riihimäki Glassworks. Until 1976 she designed countless sets of tumblers, yet she was not afraid to experiment. She introduced many innovations in the use of colour and technique.

In the late 1950's Nanny Still moved to Belgium and started designing for companies like Cerabel (Belgium), Heinrich Porzellan (Germany) and Rosenthal (Germany).

Nanny Still earned herself a reputation designing a varied range of industrial products in a variety of materials such as glass, metal, porcelain and wood. (via Design Museum Gent)

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Evelyn Osterweil's Gravatar Evelyn Osterweil, on May 15:

Eric and I are saddened with the news that Nanny Still has passed away, having always appreciated her great creative talents and the memorable retrospective exhibition at the Design Museum in Ghent. Our thoughts are with the family. Evelyn and Eric
robin ogilvie's Gravatar robin ogilvie, on July 26:

I am only now discovering the name of the woman who designed the most comfortable, and attractive cutlery I have ever owned........and am sorry to learn of her passing away, my condolensces to her family.

I have had the Iittala "mango" cutlery line, designed by Nanny, for many years and love it......especially the spoons, they are so ergonomical that I am always looking for a reason to eat soup or pudding or something that requires a spoon.
An amazing design........I have been caught at stores trying other spoons......believe me, they just don't come close !!

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Desi Andrews, on March 28:
"It's interesting how we can look at nature to come up with ideas for great technological advancement..."

Krish, on March 25:
"Yes, agree with Mr. Wright"

SDR, on March 12:
"Only now, 75 years after Mr Wright proposed the Broadacres (literal) model of the future, can we ser..."

Jade, on March 10:
"Yes. I am beyond being in agreement with Mr. Wright--this is the future, dismantling suburbs for sel..."

Them Le, on March 1:
"Amazing product for customer"

Natacha Watson, on January 20:
"I personaly prefer gold vases :p"

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