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Pierre Paulin died on June 13 2009

15 Jun 2009


We were sad to hear that Pierre Paulin died this Saturday at the age
of 81 in Montpellier, south-east of France. He will remain in all our
memories as one of the major French designers of the 20th century. He
leaves us with great classics, most of them produced by the Dutch
company Artifort - 'the Tongue', 'the Ribbon', 'the Oyster' and many

Pierre Paulin at the 'Atelier de recherche et création - Mobilier National' in 2007
(photo: Olivier Amsellem/Collection Mobilier National)

Pierre Paulin was also known for having created furniture for two presidents of the French Republic, Georges Pompidou and François Mitterand.

Dining-room designed by Pierre Paulin at the Palais de l'Elysée - residence of French President Georges Pompidou (AFP) (photo taken in 1972)

You can see some works of Mr. Paulin here.

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