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'Che fare' by Enzo Mari and Gabriele Pezzini

'Che fare' by Enzo Mari and Gabriele Pezzini
07 Jan 2010

'Match' Radio by Gabriele Pezzini (AreaPlus 2007) - 'Pago-Pago' by Enzo Mari (Danese 1969)

This exhibition is born from the idea of comparing the work of two designers who agree upon several aspects of their working practices in spite of having been formed in very different periods of time.

Enzo Mari, maestro and moral conscience of design, and Gabriele Pezzini, seeker of exactness in design: two generations faced to the same problems, both advocates of a point of view focused on what is essential, doing what they know how to do best: analyse and decipher.

Both creators will be showing some of their major pieces in the exhibition opening at the Alain Gutharc Gallery in Paris on January 9.

'Box' by Enzo Mari (Castelli 1971) - 'Wired' Chair by Gabriele Pezzini (Max Design 2004)

'The parallelism that we trace in this small exhibit goes beyond the exposed products. These represent us and are a pretext to compare two generations that share a vision and discuss over the same issues. Che Fare (What to do), the title of the exhibition, poses a clear question, although it does so without using the question mark, as we probably know there is no answer. The uncertainty on what the project will be and on the drift of society, on the future of many young people who are facing this profession/passion today, is evident enough and cannot be hidden away any more.'
Gabriele Pezzini

'Moving' Stool by Gabriele Pezzini (2004) - 'Putrella' by Enzo Mari (Danese 1958)

Exhibition 'Che fare'
Enzo Mari / Gabriele Pezzini
From January 9 to February 20 2010

Galerie Alain Gutharc
7 rue Saint-Claude
75003 Paris, France

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