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Try2Cycle - Progressive bicycle

Try2Cycle - Progressive bicycle
09 Mar 2011

Belgian designer Arnaud Eubelen is presenting 'Try2Cycle' his new project of a progressive bicycle.

The object is designed for 2 to 5 years old children. The aim of the project is to learn to children, in a progressive way, how to ride a bicycle. It is to build at home by parents and their child.

At first, T2C is built in the tricycle mode. The child learns to move freely without having to balance. When he acquires insurance on his vehicule and begins to have more balance, T2C is transformed in the bicycle mode. A higher position, more suitable for his legs, is obtained by increasing the height of the saddle.

The piece which allows the conversion of tricycle to bicycle mode is
very easy to move. Once in bicycle mode, that piece is reused to keep
the bike fixed right once put away.

You can contact Arnaud Eubelen for more information:

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