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OUT NOW at Scuola Politecnica di Design

10 May 2012

As part of the Milan design week 2012 in April, SPD Scuola Politecnica di Design presented the exhibition 'OUT NOW. Stories of Ideas and Matter'.

The exhibition brought together different ideas and views on the subject of design and production, and intersected these with the work of eleven international designers trained in the school in recent years.
How can we interpret the role of designers? The exhibition allowed us to follow the paths of a young generation of designers who have left the classroom and experienced the possibilities of the field as creative apprentices.

'Voi' design by Kostantia Manthou and Manuel Torres, modular storage container, prototype Poliform, 2011
A small architecture that grows in space as it transforms. Voi reinterprets a classic Poliform piece of the late eighties, the IO wardrobe by Paolo Piva.

'Tab' design by Isaac Pin?eiro, Nadadora Studio, collection of stools and coffee tables, production Sancal, 2011
Family of stools and low tables inspired by the beehives made from hollow logs, called trobos, very typical of northern Spain. All the pieces are hand made from a bent sheet of natural chestnut veneer.

'Mariu?' design by Luis Arrivillaga, suspension lamp, production Made a Mano, 2012
Ceramic lamp with cold enamel coating. It creates an interplay between positive and negative surfaces which is more evident when illuminated. Mariu? interprets the space according to a principle of creative disorder generated by the disk of the diffuser.

'Wired' design by Alessandro Stabile with Alessandro Gnocchi, stackable chair with tubular metal frame, production Belca, 2012  
The product doesn’t require any investment in industrial equipment and uses accessible technologies.

'Lateira' design by Rui Pereira, decorated clayware, production Show Me, 2011
An homage to the nearly extinct canned fish industry via another traditional Portuguese handicraft: decorated pottery. The sardine can is transformed into a proud, ready for serving delicacy: a manifesto of the craftsman/designer dichotomy.

'Scooby Doo' design by Giorgio Bonaguro, table lamp, production La Lampe, 2012
The piece chooses a classic language and a minimalistic architecture in tubular metal that supports the glass diffuser. A study in contrasts between the rich material palette and the simplicity of its lightweight structure.
'Tweety' design by Giorgio Bonaguro, table lamp, self production, 2011
A simple and intuitive design made up of two parts, the lampholder and an ecofriendly polycarbonate sheet bent into a loop. Without using screws or joints for easy assembly, the bulb is suspended, like a bird in a cage.

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