vintage refrigerators (some pictures)
Hi... I like a lot antique refrigerators and I'd like to share some pictures... Is there anybody here in the forum who also likes? Lets post some pictures...

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posted by 50s60s
im partial to the Frigidaire in your first post.....but really they arent too efficient, are they???
posted by matty
Hi Matty ... Surely the...
Hi Matty ...

Surely the system used in these refrigerators are very old (outdated) and they actually serve more as decorative objects ... However, there are people who make adjustments, like putting new engine in these old refrigerators... Anyway I see them only as an art object, hehehe ...
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There's a good business idea...
There's a good business idea right there, to convert old ones and sell them. My brother recently bought an east german speaker that had been converted to an iphone speaker.

More people ought to do that too with all the old veneer-clad speakers you'll find at the dump.
posted by bundes
When I saw the title and first picture, I thought -Igor should look at this-, and where finally you!!! hahahha.
I love them.

If have to think: ,, they aren't too efficient,, -. As some Brit girl said here once about 2 years ago: ,,Grandmother's refrigerator are still working,,.
I have one in the studio that was of my wife's grandmother, still working and come and go and resist everything!
Today's refrigerators are made to last 10 years. Which is more efficient?
They made it to last 10 years but they put them some smart stickers to say how efficient the refrigerator is and how the company is involved in green issues. What's efficient now is the business for the companies.

SIAM - Siam Di tella

Siam is the Argentine iconic brand of 50's-60's refrigerators.

I researching a bit and it seems there the most popular one is:
Siam ,,bolita,, (little ball)
As you said once Mercado Libre is great source!.
It's also amazing that the regulars go form 300 to 500, but restored ones go up to 5000 at least.

Here is one Siam ,,bolita,,

Here there are two links:
posted by gustavo (ARG)
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SIAM,-Di tella and Di Tella foundation.
A little bit about the Di Tella foundation

Although must be in another thread, I can?t leave this without mention the Di Tella foundation.
That ,, become the most significant cultural institution in Buenos Aires of the 1960s,,

and don?t afraid to say that with ,,SUR,, magazine by Victoria Ocampo in the30?s are the most important cultural institution with deep influence in local art and cultural issues and deep links with international movement art and institutions.

What is interesting to study is how Fundation Di tella with the strong industrial and economic power supported the arts and culture. And how them helped them or not each other. As well as the not clear inter relationship between culture, power, economy and industry and some etcs.

Spanish and english links:
posted by gustavo (ARG)
SIAM Factory
A little bit about the SIAM factory

As I said Siam was the Argentine iconic brand of 50?s refrigerators. You could check the links with the history of the company.

And we can see a Vintage photography at the refrigerators factory.
posted by gustavo (ARG)
In the US, you
can still use old refrigerators--until you get a leak in your coolant line and start leaking Freon everywhere. Then you have to get a licensed fridge repair guy to come and drain your Freon.

Then, you have to pay more money to have it converted to a non-ozone-depleting coolant. This costs more than buying a new fridge, hence, the reason that people rarely convert old refrigerators.

posted by Riki (USA/CH)
Gustavo, Bundes and Riki
Hi Gustavo, how long ... Do you still remember me? Hehehe ... I?m happy to see you here ... I was gone a while, I've been studying to some test to try to start to work in government department, and gave a far removed from the internet ... However, I continue to buy my mid-century furniture and vintage refrigerators (but no these photos are mine) ... How are you? Okay? Occasionally I get on mercaolibre from Argentina and I see some Siam there. Is it the most famous old refrigerator in Argentina? Now, changing the subject: and Brazil and Argentina to World Cup 2010? What a disaster the two (I like you, but I don?t like the Argentine players, ok? Hehehe ...). I hope all is well with you ... Abrašos

Hi Bundes, okay? Really with creativity people can invent many things ... Here in Brazil by example, some people take these old refrigerators, strip the engine and turns them into cabinets, or turn them into wine cellars for example...

Hi Riki, okay? It really is expensive to have an old refrigerator (even more if you make it with modern accessories and parts). I dont know in USA but here in Brazil, for you have an idea, you can buy an old refrigerator (but no restoration) for about R$ 500 (U$ 250). However, modified and restored when they arrive to cost R$ 5.000 (U$ 2.500). Whereas here (Brazil) you buy a modern refrigerator (new), from the simplest for R$ 700 (U$ 350), it?s really expensive to have a antique refrigerator (and besides we have to take into account the possible damage they may cause to nature and the excessive consumption of energy).

Sorry everybody about my crazy english, huahuahuahuahu
posted by 50s60s
our fridge
this is our 1950's Italian 'YUMAN' fridge which is still in daily use and going strong!
posted by 506070 (UK)
Because I am pop artist, I think that most interesting pictures are...
...those with door open, that show also vintage food packaging.

I'm especially interested in history of yoghurt and egg cartons.
posted by Jyri Snellman (FIN)
Yuman fridge
has anyone have any info of the so called YUMN friges? as i came across one and looked it up on the interner but found nothing at all. :/ was just wondering if anyone here knows somthing about them..

thanks in advnace
posted by haxixu
Those old
fridges are cool as heck, but I wouldn't want one. They had little room inside and they used refrigerant that was very bad for the environment, and on top of all that, they're very expensive to run.

Gimme dem modern kitchen appliances....I can be mid-century modern elsewhere in my house!
posted by barrympls (USA)
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Caro Peter Haxixu:

I don't know..., but if you saw that last 506070's fridge picture is a Yuman, and said are italian...

Here is a cute and ..useful?... Norme per luso:

"Yuman frigorifero" on Italian google

Ciao amichi!
posted by gustavo (ARG)
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