Bizzirri Tableware
I have some "Bizzirri2 Italian tableware which my wife and I saw and put on our wedding list 2 years ago from a local department store. I now want to know more about Bizzirri but can't find anything. The cups are white, circular and straight in a chunky stoneware material, have distinctive square formed handles and there are matching mugs and plates. Is there anyone who has come across Bizzirri who could tell me more?
My websearching resulted in one supplier in Latvia at
These cups are still our favourites even having lived in Scandinavia and collected the Arabia Ego collection.
Jonathan Kelly
[email protected]
I think I have seen these in Italy and yes they are original and looked like quite good fun.

source for bizzirri carries Bizzirri.

Looking for more Bizzirri
This may sound strange, but I bought some casual dining ware at (gasp) Target for my daughter's apartment - the bottom says Bizzirri - Target no longer carries it, and we need more pasta bowls!!! Does know if this is the same company? I doubt Horchow and Target carry the same line, but you never know.
[email protected]
Bizzirri in small Texas town surplus store
I have also located some Birrizzi pieces in a small town near Fort Worth at a surplus store. This is a small farming town noted for their large boot and western wear stores. I love the pottery. Interesting! Enid

Bizzirri Mara dinnerware
I also bought some Bizzirri dinnerware at, yes, Target and want to buy more. lists tha pattern (Mara) but it is out of stock. However, you can register to be notified by e-mail if it becomes available.

Bizzirri source
The Neiman-Marcus online catalog has a line of casual tableware called "Botanica". It is made by Bizziri.

Bizzirri platter from Target
My husband broke my platter from Target today and I've been searching for a source to replace it. It says Home and Hand Made in Italy by Bizzirri on the bottom. The center was yellow with a light green rim, decorated with simple plum colored flowers and green leaves. Anybody got one they are willing to sell me or know where I can find another one? I really loved that platter!

me too!!!
wow- my husband and i have had the same problem! we actually registered at target thinkning it would be easier- but when they discontinued our pattern ("MARA") we were so upset- and frustrated with target, as they were not really able to help us find it. instead of searching for me, they required me to call around the country, tryiing to guess which store might have it, and being put on hold by the people who work there work couldn't care less! only have one of the pasta bowls, and love it, just want more! your same problem too? please let me know if you find more, and i will do the same.
meredith good
[email protected]
Fort Worth Response
Can you tell me the name of the store in Fort Worth? And if you have an address and phone # that would be greatly appreciated as well.

[email protected]
Bizzirri Tableware
Replacements, Ltd. has Mara replacements.

I'm looking for the holiday design that has a Christmas tree with red ornaments--very modern.
BJ Reed
[email protected]
Replacements Ltd on line has some Bizzirri.


ladies please dont just buy one platter or just 6 -8 or 12 plates.people break one plate ave. a year!you need to start with far more than you think you need.

bizzirri in Ft. Worth
Hi, Just now coming back to this site. The store is in Justin--about 25 mmiles north of Ft. Worth--they are going out of business and I have bought just about all the pieces of Bizzirri that they had. Most of the pieces are solid colors and I have quite a few of the sushi plates and some other items with olives on bowls, etc. The name of the store is 156 Surplus--I'm sorry but don't have number with me this evening. I don't believe that any of these pieces were sold at Target. Please email me is you have any other questions. Thanks, Enid

[email protected]
About Bizzirri
If you need any informations about the Bizzirri's products, go to the new web site...
[email protected]
Bizzirri platter from Target
I have the platter you are looking for. Let me know if you still need it. I am willing to sell. [email protected]
posted by fbouthillier
Bizzarri frutti di bosco
Looking for an internet or Philadelphia area source for this pottery, particularly plates. I bought some at Crate & Barrel some years ago, but they no longer carry them. The Bizzarri web site does not offer sources.
posted by Herb
Spare Bizzirri Pieces
I have got alot of bizzirri pieces. If any body is interested please email me to find out if I have what you want.
[email protected]
All pieces are brand new and never been used. They were all sent as samples to a freind and put into storage.
posted by nitrousking
Bizzirri - Mara
If anyone knows of where I can buy more place settings of the Mara collection, let me know. I bought them from Target and they do not have anymore.
posted by Randi
Looking for Tuscan Olive by Bizzirri
Am looking for a service for 4 by Bizzirri called Tuscan Olive which Target carried and which I have been unable to find. If anyone knows where I can purchase these items let me know-
posted by rosanne
Also looking for Tuscan Olive Collection
I am also looking for the Bizzirri Tuscan Olive Collection made for Target stores. Target no longer carries this pattern. I am looking for replacement bowls. I tried contacting the manufacturer several times via e-mail but have never received a response. Would greatly appreciate if anyone finds any pieces for sale.
posted by Dori
"Home by Bizzirri"
I am looking to buy additional pieces of "home-hand made in Italy by Bizzirri"
Does anyone have any pieces they would like to sell?
posted by Helen
Bizzirri "Pine Sprig" Pattern
I just read that you have (or had) some Bizzirri pieces. By any chance might you , or anyone else who may be reading this - have dinnerware pieces in the "Pine Sprig" pattern? They are cream colored with very simple but beautiful soft green sprigs of pine on the top and bottom of the rim - a single sprig on the bottom and a double sprig on top. I purchased these a few years ago from a Gardener's Eden store in Maine. I bought all they had (they'd been discontinued) and have been looking - without success - for more pieces ever since. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.
posted by Carol
Bizzirri "Mara" Pieces
I have a trivet, larget serving platter, pasta bowl, salt & pepper shakers and a decorative pitcher from the "Mara" collection by Bizzirri that was made for Target. If anyone is interested, I am willing to sell. Contact me at [email protected]
posted by mstacey1
Bizzirri "Mara" Plates
Bizzirri "Mara" Plates
I have 4 Dinner Plates and 4 Soup Bowls from the "Mara" collection by Bizzirri that was made for Target. If anyone is interested, I am willing to sell. Contact me at [email protected]
posted by Bruce316
Bizziri Tuscan Olive
I am looking for plates, bowls and mugs. Please contact me if you have these at [email protected] Thanks.
posted by im4star
Birrizzi -- safe for microwave and dishwasher?

Does anyone know if the Birrizzi "Gelato" line is safe to use in the microwave and dishwasher? I got some pieces, but then noticed in the Neiman Marcus online catalog that they aren't listed as such.

posted by otho
Mara byBizzirri
Do you still want to sell your pieces of MARA by Bizzirri. If so, please let me know how much you want to sell the pieces for:
[email protected]
posted by Helen
I am interested in purchasing Mara by Bizzirri Pieces
if anybody has any pieces of Mara by Bizzirri (from Target) I would also be interested in buying some pieces... plates, platter, and the pitcher if possible. Thanks. Please email me at [email protected]
posted by Kawika
Looking for plates for bizzirri collection bought from Target
I am looking for two (or more) dinner plates from the Home Collection made by Bizzirri from Target. The plates are a cream color, with a scalloped egde. Plates are square shaped. Please email at [email protected] if you have some you are willing to sell.
posted by Gina
1 dinner plate home Bizzirri
Will sell for 15.00 plus shipping. excelent condition.
posted by bootjane
Tuscan Olive Collection: Available
We were also searching for the Tuscan Olive plates by Bizzirri and noticed the postings on Design Addict. Since we have been unable to locate additional plates, my wife and I decided we are willing to sell ours to any interested buyers.

We have service for 8 (Dinner and Salad plates, and bowls). Please email us at [email protected] if you are interested and still searching for these pieces.
posted by Carrie
Have been building our Mara pattern slowly-hit/miss. And it all started w/a ladel rest for Father's Day several yr's ago. It's up to a 4 piece setting but only have one bowl, so any pieces would be appreciated...
Tony ([email protected])
posted by Tony F
bizzirri dinner and salad plates
My husband and I were out shopping tonight and bought some of the Mara pattern plates for our son who was just engaged this week. While looking for some information about these plates (they are gently used) we found this thread. If my son and his fiancee do not want them, my husband and I would be willing to sell them. If any of you are still interested please email me at djcannone at juno dot com.
posted by DonnaCan
edited on 18-Jul-10 04:57 AM  [edit]
Bizzarri Mara pieces available
I have lovely Bizzarri Mara pieces and nowhere to keep them. Like new. Dinner plates, salad plates, round platter and large round serving bowl. Make me an offer? What do you need?
posted by babs53
Bizzirri - Tuscan Olive
I have several pieces from this collection that I have never used if you are still interested... I have dinner plates, salad plates, cereal bowls, serving bowls, platter, giant bowl, oil/vin, pitcher, and even some coordinating accessories.
posted by mich
bizzirri dishes
I am looking for the solid color bizzirri dinner plates. I just saw some on Atlanta craigslist. Bur shehas no email for me to get in touch with her.If you have the solid dinnerplates. They are royal blue, dusty hot pink, etc. I would love hearing from you. My email is lwalsh at
posted by ltw
I have your platter
I think i have the platter that you broke. i know you wrote this years ago, but are you still interested in buying it?
posted by writingjack
message from Nilo
Via del Pastore ,Cebara
Cittą del Castello(Perugia)06012
tel -39-075 8510188

[email protected] (site under construction)
posted by Nilo
do u still have mara by bizzirri dinnerware?
i am looking for salad plates, rice bowls and coffee mugs. do u still have them and are u willing to sell them?? please email me asap. steffiessweetsinsations at
posted by steffie
 [edit] Hamburg

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