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rattan rope?
So the original Wegner folding chairs were oak and rattan rope. Where can I get rattan rope? I'm drawing a blank.
posted by woodi
posted by jesgord (USA)
nope on rattan rope at franks
Nope. They have split rattan, and Danish cord, seagrass rope, and all kinds of cane, but no rattan rope.
posted by woodi
Are you sure?
What is rattan rope? Rattan is by definition flat since it's the peeled outer layer of whatever plant it comes from. I've woven a lot of chair seats of various kinds and have never come across anything called rattan rope. Not that that means it doesn't exist!

This JH512 chair is woven with flat rattan:

posted by spanky* (USA)
That chair is woven with...
That chair is woven with binder cane. Most likey it's 5mm binder cane. If you are doing it yourself soak the cane in COLD water not hot, lot's of internet sites recommend hot water (hot tap water) but that can discolor the cane (goes dull and greyish). Cold works perfectly!
posted by spd


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