Horse Hair for Upholstery Padding?
There aren't many upholstery ready horse hair providers. So I'm thinking of buying freshly cut horse hair. Can I just use long strands to stuff a chair or do I need to cut them down to size and mix up the strands?

I plan to buy these:


posted by FeatherBolt
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Asking the supplier is always a good idea,

as they may have had past clients in the exact same situation as you.

posted by the_beloved (US/CAN)
The hair used in most upholstery using traditional methods is a mix of horse and hog hair and the mixture gives it the springiness and softness you need for this application. Try gary's upholstery supplies. Cleaning horsehair is a very labor intensive process I have tried it, and probably not worth the trouble.
posted by sheals
The stuff used in upholstery ...
The stuff used in upholstery is usually rubberized. I think this makes it last longer and retain the springiness better. Do a search for "rubberized hair" to find sources.
posted by spanky* (USA)

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