Danish Table ID
Hi everyone,

I hope someone can help me with this one.

I have just picked up this very pretty dining table which is very much in the manner of Johannes Andersen and Niels Moller designs.

It is non extendable, made from solid Teak and appears to be very well made with some lovely attention to detail such as the joinery at the top of the legs.

It has a very Danish character but has no markings whatsoever, not even a Danish control mark. Maybe it is British!

I have a copy of the original invoice from Heals in london in 1963. The invoice does not mention any designers names but I do know the table was purchased along with 4 Niels Moller chairs and a Borge Mogensen sideboard.

Its interesting to see that in 1963 the Moller chairs were priced at 15 pounds each, the Mogensen sideboard was 67 pounds and this table was 30 pounds. A lot of money back then.

Thanks in advance for any contributions.

posted by H.moon (UK)
edited on 08-Oct-09 11:13 AM  [edit]
Heals own
Hi there

the original table, which this is a heal's own production of, was by Johannes Andersen for Uldum.

Crucial is the different leg construction where the legs meet the plinth / side.

A friend of mine worked for heals and lent me his catalogues which show many "danish range" designs which were produced by heals simply copying the style but making tiny changes to the construction so they would not be in breach of copyright laws.

posted by Simon, Danish-homestore.com (UK)
That's a gorgeous table
In the states we call those "breadboard ends" where the ends pull out and pop-up flush with the table. What do you call them?

While you are here, can you tell me where I can get another Danish Control Makers round metal button. I have a Grete Jalk coffee table that lost its' button somewhere between the antique market in France and my living room.

posted by Riki (USA/CH)
Thanks very much Simon, the...
Thanks very much Simon, the Johannes Andersen design you have pictured is one of my favourite designs, and the Heals one is clearly heavily inspired by it.

It all makes sence, as on the invoice it states that the table was in stock whilst the rest of the Danish items had a long lead time.

Oh Riki, love your Grete Jalk coffee table, not sure where you could get a control mark, sometime you can find a piece that has more than one sticker and you may be able to remove one.
posted by H.moon (UK)
Danish control
mail me your address as I think I have one you can have.

came of some old dining chairs.

just dont go telling the daniosh control board!!

posted by Simon, Danish-homestore.com (UK)

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