German Brass Floor Lamp Swan 10-Jul-14
Here is a German Brass Floor Lamp Swan. Material: Brass, silk Description: Elegant brass floor lamp with a new very fine silk lamp...
  seller: Okay Art
Italian Highboard Teak Rosewood 60' 10-Jul-14
Here is a Italian Highboard Teak Rosewood 60'. Material: Teak, rosewood, plastic, formica. Description: Italian Highboard from the 1960's,...
  seller: Okay Art
Elegant Kaiser 50' Floor Lamp 10-Jul-14
Here is an Elegant Kaiser 50' Floor Lamp. The Designer is Werksdesign. Material: Massive brass, lacquered metal, cotton. Description: Very...
d  Werksdesign      p Kaiser & Co   seller: Okay Art
Ico & Luisa Parisi Coffee Table 10-Jul-14
Here is a Ico & Luisa Parisi Coffee Table. The Designers are Ico and Luisa Parisi. Material: mahogany, aluminium, metal Description: Custom...
d Luisa & Ico Parisi        seller: Okay Art
FEAL Entrée Furniture 50′ 10-Jul-14
Here is a FEAL Entrée Furniture 50'. The Designer is Worksdesign. Material: Aluminium, brass, mahogany Description: Beautiful small entrée...
d  Werksdesign        seller: Okay Art
Set of six rosewood and leather dining chairs by Arne Vodder, Sibast, Denmark 10-Jul-14
Set of six side chairs in rosewood with metal detail and new leather. Designed in the 1950s by Arne Vodder and manufactured by Sibast Møbler,...
d Arne Vodder      p Sibast furniture   seller: reModern
1930s industrial style wine rack, L. & C. Arnold 10-Jul-14
Fantastic antique wine rack from the 1930s, made by L.&C. Arnold, Germany. Genuine industrial style - beautifully patinized forged steel in green....
d L&C Arnold        seller: Velvet-Point
Rare 1960s shelving-system / room divider, teak 10-Jul-14
Rare teak shelving-system from the 1960s, in the style of Ico Parisi. Also usable as a room divider. Variable mountable combination of one cabinet...
  seller: Velvet-Point
Rare mid century doctor's desk 10-Jul-14
Rare vintage doctor's desk from the 1940s or 50s. Typically off-white sheet metal carcass with three drawers on each side, and one drawer in the...
  seller: Velvet-Point
1950s walnut daybed by Knoll Antimott 10-Jul-14
Sophisticated daybed by Knoll Antimott from the 1950s. Slim solid walnut frame, professionally newly covered with a high-quality blue upholstery...
p Knoll International   seller: Velvet-Point
Original 1950s chair 10-Jul-14
Original 1950s chair with chromed tubular frame and black wooden armrests. The seat has been newly covered with black artificial leather, the...
  seller: Velvet-Point
Extraordinary 1950s trapezoid shelf, walnut-faced 10-Jul-14
Extraordinary shelving system from the 1950s. Trapezoid walnut base on black wooden blades. Overall 16, partly height-adjustable shelves, some with...
  seller: Velvet-Point
1960s WK room divider shelving system, walnut 10-Jul-14
Straight-lined room divider shelving system from the 1960s, made by WK. High-quality workmanship. Two, partly black lacquered aluminum side panels...
p WK Möbel   seller: Velvet-Point
1960s WK room divider shelving system, walnut 10-Jul-14
Straight-lined room divider shelving system from the 1960s, made by WK. High-quality workmanship. Two, partly black lacquered aluminum side panels...
p WK Möbel   seller: Velvet-Point
Rare 1950s Tiki Style bar cabinet 10-Jul-14
Quaint Tiki Style bar cabinet from the late 1950s. Oak-faced asymmetrical carcass with two hinged doors. The left part is mirrored inside and comes...
  seller: Velvet-Point
Art Deco Tiger Chair 10-Jul-14
French Art-Deco chair, upholstery tigerprint fabric, restored in 1990.
  seller: 46 Kloosterstraat
6 Friso kramer Architect Chairs 10-Jul-14
A set of 6 Ahrend de Cirkel adjustable chairs designed by Friso Kramer. This chairs can be adjust in many ways, seating hight and back angle. The...
d Friso Kramer      p Ahrend de Cirkel   seller: 46 Kloosterstraat
Ilmari Tapiovaara, Hongisto Dining Table and Benches, 1963 09-Jul-14
Ilmari Tapiovaara, Hongisto Dining Table and Benches, 1963. A stunning Dining set, designed by Finnish designer Ilmari Tapiovaara in 1963 ? in...
d Ilmari Tapiovaara      p Laukaan Puu   seller: 1934
Mid Century Danish Modern Teak Wall Units 1950s 09-Jul-14
Mid Century Danish Modern Teak Wall Units 1950s. Good original condition, can be taken in parts for shipping.
  seller: Full Effect
Cees Braakman Birch Series Bookcase, Pastoe 09-Jul-14
Cees Braakman, Birch Series Bookcase, Pastoe. A mid century classic that is modest and understated, by Dutch designer Cees Braakman. This one...
d Cees Braakman      p Pastoe   seller: 1934
Alvar Aalto, table and stool set - Finmar 1930s 09-Jul-14
Alvar Aalto, Table and Stool, Finmar set A Finmar (tagged underneath) desk/table, with black-painted top and signs of age WITH An early...
d Alvar Aalto      p Finmar   seller: 1934
3. Brazil Madeleine Colaco Vintage Rug 60s 70s 09-Jul-14
Original Brazilian vintage rug . Made by famous Brazilian designer Madeleine Colaco. Titel : Pardal ( moineau ) Signed at the back. Rare and...
d Madeleine Colaco        seller: artgoesvintage
2. Brazil Madeleine Colaco Vintage Rug 60s 70s 09-Jul-14
Original Brazilian vintage rug . Made by famous Brazilian designer Madeleine Colaco. Titel : Unreadable Rare and beautiful colour combination....
d Madeleine Colaco        seller: artgoesvintage
1. Brazil Madeleine Colaco Vintage Rug 60s 70s 09-Jul-14
Original Brazilian vintage rug . Made by famous Brazilian designer Madeleine Colaco. Titel : Nossa Sra. de Copacabana Signed at the...
d Madeleine Colaco        seller: artgoesvintage
'Boomerang' writing desk by Peter Loevig-Denmark 1960 09-Jul-14
A very rare desk designed by Peter Lovig Nielsen for Hedensted Mobelfabrik, Denmark 1960. Asymmetrical top with rolled edges, and brass and teak...
d Peter Løvig Nielsen      p Hedensted, Denmark   seller: Galerie Zeitloos
Newspaper rack designed Cesare Lacca - Italy 1950 09-Jul-14
Newspaper rack, designed Cesare Lacca, Italy 1950. "Organic" style, movable tablet Item. Measurements: 64.0 x 52.0 x 37.0 cm (H x W x D)
d Cesare Lacca        seller: Galerie Zeitloos
Bar cart by Cesare Lacca - Italy 1950 09-Jul-14
Mid Century bar cart, designed Cesare Lacca, Italy 1950. Solid walnut ebonized, brass wheels and handle grip. Width 30", depth 30", height 23"
d Cesare Lacca        seller: Galerie Zeitloos
Kalmar ceiling lamp 09-Jul-14
Ceiling lamp. Model Atomic 9DL designed J.T. Kalmar manufacturer Kalmar Austria, 1960. Chrome, 9 bulbs. Diameter 24", height 16"
d J.T. Kalmar      p Kalmar   seller: Galerie Zeitloos
GE7 daybed in oak / cane by Hans J. Wegner, Getama, Denmark 09-Jul-14
Daybed, model GE7 in oak and cane with steel legs. Designed by Hans Jørgen Wegner and manufactured by Getama, Denmark. Dimensions: W. 200 cm. H. 66...
d Hans J. Wegner      p Getama   seller: reModern
LC2 08-Jul-14
LC2 / pair. In mint condition. Material: steel pipe chromed / leather. Design 1930/1994. Stamping number Cassina: 136900/136808
d Charlotte Perriand, Le Corbusier      p Cassina   seller: Monopol Design Antiquitäten
Pfeilerregal 08-Jul-14
Shelf from the Swiss designer Jacob Müller produced by Wohnhilfe, Switzerland. Dimensions 206cm/ 27cm/ 21cm. Material: plywood/mahogany veneer.
d Jacob Müller      p Wohnhilfe   seller: Monopol Design Antiquitäten
Vittoriano VIGANO lampadaire 1078 08-Jul-14
Vittoriano VIGANO lamp 1078. Beautiful lamp in black lacquered aluminum, heavy cast iron base. 3 bulbs and double lighting. Arteluce Edition...
d Giulio Iacchetti, Vittoriano Vigano      p Arteluce   seller: 2021design
Desk by Luigi Colani 1970 08-Jul-14
School desk by Luigi Colani for Flottoto, produced in the 1970s in Germany. Made from aluminium cast for the feet and fiberglass in white and...
d Luigi Colani      p Flötotto   seller: Modernariato
Italian desk in red ABS plastic of the 70's 08-Jul-14
Small red desk made from ABS plastic with a cantilever tubular structure, that can be dismantled into three parts. Italian production circa 1970....
  seller: Modernariato
5x Ahrend De Circkel *Oda* Black Skai Chairs 08-Jul-14
Nice of Dutch design : Ahrend De Circkel - 5x Oda chairs - black metal frames matched with black skai upholstery.
d Friso Kramer      p Ahrend de Cirkel   seller: 20ème Siècle
1970's Chrome & Exotic Wood Dining Table 08-Jul-14
Simply beautiful high class dining table - heavy chromed metal feet structure matched with exotic wood top nicely shaped. The table has an...
  seller: 20ème Siècle
Geometrical Black & White Table Lamp 08-Jul-14
Unusual sleek design lamp with black painted metal base matched with full black painted brass arm structures. Geometrical semi-hard plastic diffusers.
  seller: 20ème Siècle
Bicolored Wood Charivari vs HagaFors Dining Set 08-Jul-14
Nice bicolored combo set from Charivari (Italy) & HagaFors (Sweden) - 4x dining chairs matched with a square shaped (extendable) dining table.
p Hagafors   seller: 20ème Siècle
Danish Hundevad Mobler Teak Wood Cabinet 08-Jul-14
Danish manufactured teak wood Hundevad Mobler cabinet - 2x top sliding doors and 2x low sliding doors with inner shelvings. Teak wood veneered corpus.
p Hundevad Møbelfabrik   seller: 20ème Siècle
5x Raak Ceiling Drop Down Aluminium Lamps 08-Jul-14
Brilliant set of 5x Raak drop down ceiling fixtures - aluminium structures matched with thick glass light enhancers.
p Raak   seller: 20ème Siècle
Geoffrey Harcourt Artifort Swivel Lounge Chair 08-Jul-14
Iconic 1970s design swivel chair from Artifort - designed by Geoffrey Harcourt. It comes with it's original wool upholstery and suede leather rim...
d Geoffrey D. Harcourt      p Artifort   seller: 20ème Siècle
Black & Grey Side Table by Wim Rietveld for Auping 08-Jul-14
Beautiful side table designed by Wim Rietveld in the 1950s for Auping - minimalistic shapes matching black painted & perforated structure with origin...
d Wim Rietveld      p Auping   seller: 20ème Siècle
Verner Panton Moon lamp - original metal edition by Louis Poulsen 07-Jul-14
This is a first edition Moon lamp by Verner Panton for Louis Poulsen from the early 60's. Good original condition with some light patina. A pair...
d Verner Panton      p Louis Poulsen   seller: My Panton Home
Verner Panton 'Geometri I' rya carpet 07-Jul-14
This is an original Verner Panton Geometri I rya carpet. Original edition by Unika Veav in Denmark from the early 60's. Has recently been...
d Verner Panton        seller: My Panton Home
60s Ole Wanscher Easy Chair beech wood Mod. 109 07-Jul-14
Beautiful vintage easy chair l Ole Wanscher Mod. 109 l new upholstery and dark blue fabric on the cushions.
d Ole Wanscher      p France & Sons   seller:
Concrete' Loop Chair' by WILLY GUHL 07-Jul-14
Concrete lounge chair « Loop chair » produced en 1954 by Willy Guhl. Avant gardiste Switzerland designer and pioneer in industrial furniture. He...
d Willy Guhl      p Eternit   seller: Galerie 44
Small dining table in rosewood designed by Ib Kofod larsen, Chr.Linneberg, Denmark 07-Jul-14
Small version rosewood dining table with two extensions. Designed by Ib Kofod Larsen and manufactured by Chr. Linneberg, Denmark. Max length is 217...
d Ib Kofod-Larsen      p Christian Linneberg   seller: reModern
Side table in oak designed by Hans J. Wegner, Denmark 07-Jul-14
Small side table in oak. Elegant detail with the lifted top. Designed in the 1970s by Hans Jørgen Wegner and manufactured by Getama,...
d Hans J. Wegner      p Getama   seller: reModern
Sideboard ARP PIERRE GUARICHE 07-Jul-14
Produced by ARP (plastic research workshop) created by the designer : Pierre Guariche, Joseph andré Motte et Michel Mortier. Teak Sideboard, 1...
d Pierre Guariche, Joseph Andre Motte      p ARP Atelier de Recherche Plastique   seller: Galerie 44
60s sideboard rosewood Aage Hundevad credenza Danish modern 07-Jul-14
Beautiful rosewood credenza by Aage Hundevad, Denmark l good condition outside and inside l ca. 215x75x45cm.
d Aage Hundevad      p Hundevad Møbelfabrik   seller:
Teak Sideboard credenza long 250cm 07-Jul-14
Nice 70s teak sideboard l ca. 250x80x48cm l drawers & sliding doors l good condition.
OSVALDO BORSANI D70 sofa 07-Jul-14
Produced in 1954 by Osvaldo Borsani for Tecno. This is the first version of D70 sofa fully original. An icon of 20th century design. Permanent...
d Osvaldo Borsani      p Tecno   seller: Galerie 44
2x Rosewood Bookshelves by Omann Jun, Demark 07-Jul-14
2x bookshelves in rosewood by Oman Jun, Denmark., Ca 1960s. Model 11 & 12 One wide element with 120 cm and 61 cm with a narrow width. Height...
p Omann Jun Møbelfabrik   seller: inside-room
Pair Rosewood Bookshelf by Omann Jun, Denmark 07-Jul-14
2 bookcases in rosewood by Oman Jun Model 11, ca. 1960s, Denmark. In total, there are four elements. 2 lower units with doors and two upper...
p Omann Jun Møbelfabrik   seller: inside-room
Large Mid Century Sofa 07-Jul-14
A lovely large Mid Century Sofa from the 50 /60's. Nice Fabric in light red. W 205 cm, H 97 cm, D 91 cm, SH 40cm. Good condition with small signs...
  seller: inside-room
Nice Pair Wing Lounge Chairs 07-Jul-14
A Pair Wing Lounge Chairs from the 50 / 60's. W 78 cm, D 91 cm, H 97 cm, SH 40 cm. Very good Condition with small signs of usage.
  seller: inside-room
1970's Biarritz Etagere 06-Jul-14
1970's shelving unit designed and manufactured in France. Black painted metal frame with tinted glass shelves and brass plated detail. H 153cm x L...
  seller: Fearsandkahn
1970s Eagle Head Bookends 06-Jul-14
1970's Eagle head bookends designed and manufactured by PM Craftsman, USA. Cast resin forms with a gold metallic painted finish. Solid brass beaks. ...
  seller: Fearsandkahn
1970s Miros table Lamps 06-Jul-14
Pair of 1970's table lamps designed and manufactured in France. Mirror plated rectangular block bases with decorative brass trim. Grey drum shades. ...
  seller: Fearsandkahn
1960s Brass Bar Cart 06-Jul-14
1960's cocktail cart designed and manufactured in Italy. Brass frame with tinted glass shelves. Rubber tyres. H 71cm x L 95cm x D 45cm
  seller: Fearsandkahn
1950s Figa Sculpture 06-Jul-14
1950's Brazilian Figa fist sculpture. Hand carved solid rosewood form with brass detail. H 6cm x L 28cm x D 7.5cm
  seller: Fearsandkahn
1970s Line Coffee Table 06-Jul-14
1970's occasional table designed and manufactured in Italy. Royal blue plastic coated steel rod design with a clear glass top. H 28.5cm x W 77.5cm...
  seller: Fearsandkahn
60s teak Sideboard credenza minimalistic design & form attrib. Behr, Waeckerlin 06-Jul-14
60s teak Sideboard l ca. 248x82x48cm - beautiful form & design - attrib. to Behr Moebel, Dieter Waeckerlin.
60s Teak sofa organic form l free standing l midcentury modern 06-Jul-14
Beautiful 3-seater sofa l teak l new fabric on the cushions l free standing l ca. 175x85x80cm.
Dieter Rams Modular Sofa Set 5 seats Vitsoe 06-Jul-14
Beautiful Dieter Rams Vitsoe sofa system l leather in black and best condition.
d Dieter Rams      p Vitsoe   seller:
Poul Cadovius Royal wall unit Teak #2 06-Jul-14
Beautiful big Cadovius modular Royal wall unit Teak l ca. 320x200cm.
d Poul Cadovius      p Cado   seller:
Poul Cadovius Royal wall unit Teak #1 06-Jul-14
Beautiful Cadovius Royal wall unit l modular unit l good condition l ca. 320x200cm.
d Poul Cadovius      p Cado   seller:
Pair of Italian Mazzega sconces big size 65cm Murano 06-Jul-14
Beautiful pair of Italian sconces l big size ca. 17x65cm l wonderful Murano glass l very good condition.
d Paolo Maccarrone      p Mazzega   seller:
Johannes Andersen smile table teak CFC Silkeborg 06-Jul-14
Beautiful smile table l Johannes Andersen l the bigger version l 150x52x50cm.
d Johannes Andersen      p Silkeborg   seller:
60s Kai Bruun & Poul Volther daybed FDB Mobler 06-Jul-14
Beautiful Kai Bruun & Poul Volther extendable daybed l new upholstery & new fabric l FDB Mobler Denmark.
d Kai Bruun, Poul Volther      p FDB, (Danish co-op)   seller:
60s teak Sideboard tambour doors Svend Aage Larsen 06-Jul-14
Beautiful tambour doors credenza l Svend Aage Larsen l ca. 150x79x48cm very good condition.
d Svend Aage Larsen        seller:
60s Ole Wanscher Teak Easy Chair 06-Jul-14
Beautiful Ole Wanscher Easy Chair l new fabric on original cushions.
d Ole Wanscher      p France & Sons   seller:
60s daybed Hans Bellmann for Wilkhahn beautiful vintage 06-Jul-14
Beautiful Wilkhahn daybed l Hans Bellmann l Mo. 470 l new upholstery & new fabric l free standing.
d Hans Bellmann      p Wilkhahn   seller:
60s Knoll daybed Teak free standing beautiful vintage 06-Jul-14
Beautiful 60s teak daybed l Knoll Antimott l free standing l new upholstery and new fabric in grey.
p Knoll International   seller:
Peter Hvidt Sofa daybed beautiful danish modern 06-Jul-14
Hvidt daybed l new upholstery and new fabric l free standing l beautiful condition and fresh color.
d Peter Hvidt      p France & Sons   seller:
Exceptional Vintage Tribal Azilal Rug (Beni Ourain) 06-Jul-14
Exceptional Vintage Tribal Azilal Rug, handmade in Morocco. Approximate Dimensions 220cm x 140cm. This rug been thoroughly cleaned and treated ...
  seller: 50/60/70
Neon Spotted Tribal Azilal Rug (Beni Ourain) 06-Jul-14
A beautiful and unusual handmade vintage Moroccan Tribal Rug, with unusual neon flecks. Approximate dimensions: 300cm x 150cm. This rug been...
  seller: 50/60/70
Claire Bataille plain steel office desk 06-Jul-14
Rectangular plain steel office desk designed by Claire Bataille, 1980. Steel sheet resting on two legs forming two asymmetric deltas.
d Claire Bataille        seller:
Four armchairs of teak 06-Jul-14
Danish furniture manufacturer: 4 armchairs of solid teak with black imitation leather upholstery.
  seller: CC Danish Modern
Sewing table in solid teak 06-Jul-14
Danish furniture design: Sewing table in solid teak on wheels. Drawer plus yarn basket in weaved cane. Width 69 cm, depth 43 cm, heigth 55 cm.
  seller: CC Danish Modern
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