Newspaper rack designed Cesare Lacca - Italy 1950 09-Jul-14
Newspaper rack, designed Cesare Lacca, Italy 1950. "Organic" style, movable tablet Item. Measurements: 64.0 x 52.0 x 37.0 cm (H x W x D)
d Cesare Lacca        seller: Galerie Zeitloos
Bar cart by Cesare Lacca - Italy 1950 09-Jul-14
Mid Century bar cart, designed Cesare Lacca, Italy 1950. Solid walnut ebonized, brass wheels and handle grip. Width 30", depth 30", height 23"
d Cesare Lacca        seller: Galerie Zeitloos
Unusual Cesare Lacca folding trolley
In brass and red lacquered wood, both trays lift off and the frame folds for easy storage when not in use. Brass bottle holder on the bottom tier,...
d Cesare Lacca        seller: SoModerne
Trolley by Cesare Lacca
Italian walnut trolley with a small removable serving tray and original glass top. Beautiful organic design. Designed by Italian designer Cesare...
d Cesare Lacca        seller: Visavu Design
Cesare Lacca Serving Cart
A serving cart designed by Cesare Lacca in the 50ties in wood en brass. In very good condition. Measurements: H 76 cm Long 84 cm wide 52 cm. Ask...
d Cesare Lacca        seller: Dimax
Bar trolley designed Cesare Lacca
Bar trolley, designed by Cesare Lacca, Italian 1950. Rosewood/brass, bottle holder. 70x45cm and height 71,5cm
d Cesare Lacca        seller: Galerie Zeitloos
Cesare Lacca Bar Cart
1950s bar cart designed by Cesare Lacca, in good original condition, with normal signs of age.
d Cesare Lacca        seller: Spot Gallery - Roma
Cesare Lacca '50 trolley
TROLLEY DESIGNED BY CESARE LACCA, MADE BY CASSINA 1950′. Italy. Cassina is one of the premier Italian furniture makers, and the only...
d Cesare Lacca        seller: Studio Johan Dierickx

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