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Elda chair designed Joe Colombo
Elda Chair, des. Joe Colombo, manufacturer Comfort, cognac brown leather, black fibreglass. Italy 1960. Height 97cm, widht 100cm, depht 90cm, ...
d Joe Colombo      p Comfort   seller: Galerie Zeitloos
Joe Colombo Elda Chair
Beautiful exemplary of the Elda Chair of Joe Colombo. White fiberglass shell and black leather. Perfect condition and very soft and shiny leather.
d Joe Colombo      p Comfort   seller: Déjà Vu
Joe Colombo Elda Lounge Chair
Joe Colombo Elda Chair. Designed in 1964 and made by Comfort, Italy. (new Name Longhi) White Shell and Brown leather. A very comfortable and...
d Joe Colombo      p Comfort   seller: jensfrankfurt
Comfort sofa set
Beautiful sofa set consisting of one two seater and a one seater made by the Danish company 'Comfort'. Frame in rosewood and cushions upholstered in...
p Comfort   seller: Made in Denmark
SOLD Joe Colombo 'Elda' chair
Early edition of the "Elda" chair designed by Joe Colombo for Comfort Italy. This model was bought in 1969. Black leather / white fiberglass. ...
d Joe Colombo      p Comfort   seller: Galerie 2010
Joe Colombo - Elda Chair
Elda Chair, designed by Joe Colombo, prod. Comfort, Italy 1963. Red/brown leather, black fibreglass.
d Joe Colombo      p Comfort   seller: Galerie Zeitloos
Cognac Elda chair, Joe Colombo, Comfort 3 pieces
3 Elda chairs from 1965. Designed by Joe Colombo for Comfort Italy. Very early edition with 'old' hooks and sit cushion attached to back...
d Joe Colombo      p Comfort   seller: Damals Design
'Alda' chair by Casati and Hybsch for Comfort Italy 1966
The "Alda" lounge chair designed by Cesare Casati and Enzo Hybsch for the Italian manufacturer Comfort launched in 1966. Three year's after Joe...
d Cesare Casati, Enzo Hybsch      p Comfort   seller: Pollyprop
SOLD!!! Rodica Chair
Lounge chair designed by Mario Brunu for Comfort, Italy 1968. White fibreglass seat shell upholstered in black leather upholstery. 1970's...
d Mario Brunu      p Comfort   seller: Fearsandkahn
Alda lounge chair, Casati & Hybsch for Comfort
Alda lounge chair. Designed by Cesare Casati and Enzo Hybsch in1966. Manufactured by Comfort, Italy. Fiberglass, leather, steel. Original...
d Cesare Casati, Enzo Hybsch      p Comfort   seller: Damals Design
Lounge Chair 'Rodica' by Mario Brunu
Lounge Chair, Modell Rodica, Design Mario Brunu, Prod. Comfort, Italian 1965, Lounge chair, black leather.
d Mario Brunu      p Comfort   seller: Galerie Zeitloos
Elda Lounge chair Joe Colombo
Elda lounge chair with chocolate brown reinforced fiberglass and cognac brown leather cushions. Lounge swivel chair. With its large wing shape, this...
d Joe Colombo      p Comfort   seller:

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