60s Teak dining dining set Wilhelm Renz table & Danish chairs
Wonderful 60s dining set l Wilhelm Renz adjustable & extendable teak dining table and 4 Danish chairs with new upholstery and new fabric.
p Wilhelm Renz   seller: minimalconcept.de
Small Wilhelm Renz Drawer Table
Here is a small Wilhelm Renz Drawer Table. The Designer is Werksdesign. Material: rosewood, chromed metal. Description: recently new...
d  Werksdesign      p Wilhelm Renz   seller: Okay Art
Dining- and coffee table, Wilhelm Renz, 1950's
Convertible table, manufactured in the 1950's by Wilhelm Renz. The table has an ingenious spring mechanism, which makes it height adjustable....
d Walter Wirz      p Wilhelm Renz   seller: 19 West Furniture
WILHELM RENZ - Cherrywood Sideboard - Germany
manufactured by WILHELM RENZ - Germany c. 1960. Cherrywood Sideboard, minimalist design, type: 'STUTTGART', sliding doors & drawers, original...
p Wilhelm Renz   seller: Jackpearlman
WILHELM RENZ - Low Rosewood Sideboard - Germany
Low Rosewood Sideboard made by WILHELM RENZ - Germany c. 1960 Rosewood, 4 drawrs, reversible sliding doors with white lacquered back side,...
p Wilhelm Renz   seller: Jackpearlman

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