Danish Leather 3-Seater Sofa, 1970's 19-Apr-14
Comfortable 3-Seater leather Sofa, Denmark 1970's. Nice subtle cognac coloured leather, mahogany coloured wood structure and leather belts to...
  seller: Firma London
Large VISTOSI Chandelier, Italy 19-Apr-14
Metal frame, with very close hung hand made glass pieces, disks vary in size.
p Vistosi   seller: Firma London
OLIVETTI Side Table/ tiny desk, 1960's 19-Apr-14
OLIVETTI Side Table/ tiny desk, 1960's.
p Olivetti   seller: Firma London
MAZZEGA Hanging Lamp, 1960's 19-Apr-14
Mazzega hanging lamp with opaline glass and large chrome chain, Italy 1960's.
p Mazzega   seller: Firma London
LANE Sideboard, U.S.A., 1970's 19-Apr-14
Modernist Sideboard by Lane, U.S.A., 1970's. A solid Walnut Credenza with two drawers using brass handles ball bearing metal guides and two cupboard...
p Lane Furniture   seller: Firma London
'Le Bambole' Sofa by Mario Bellini 19-Apr-14
'Le Bambole' Sofa by Mario Bellini.
d Mario Bellini      p B&B Italia   seller: Firma London
MURANO glass saddle form chandelier 01-Apr-14
Large Murano 8-tier glass chandelier with well over 140 pieces of 'horse shoe' glass with white coloration. White steel frame construction, Italy.
  seller: Firma London
Pair of Venini Wall Sconces 01-Apr-14
Pair of Venini wall sconces, Italy. Amber coloured & clear polyhedral glass pieces on white painted metal frame.
p Venini   seller: Firma London
Easy Chair 'Delfino', Arflex 1954 01-Apr-14
Easy Chair "Delfino" by Erberto Carboni for Arflex, Italy, 1954. Metal construction, brass coloured with yellow velvet upholstery.
d Erberto Carboni      p Arflex   seller: Firma London
Large Murano glass chandelier 01-Apr-14
Large 6 tier Murano Glass Chandelier with some 200 pieces of green coloured glass, Italy.
  seller: Firma London
POLS POTTEN Table Lamp, 2014 22-Mar-14
POLS POTTEN Table Lamp, 2014.
  seller: Firma London
Cornaro Sofa by CASSINA, 1973 22-Mar-14
Super comfortable CASSINA Sofa "Cornaro" designed in 1973. Wooden structure painted in dark brown with pink/ purple jumbo corduroy. Produced by...
p Cassina   seller: Firma London
Lounge Chair by ILLUM WIKKELSO March 2014
Lounge Chair by Illum Wikkelso in wonderful soft black vintage leather on black walnut frame. Model 110, produced by Soren Willadsens in Vejen,...
d Illum Wikkeslø      p Willadsen   seller: Firma London
Italian Floor Lamp, 1950's 18-Mar-14
Italian Floor Lamp with marble base, brass stem and arm with cream coloured metal lamp shade.
  seller: Firma London
ALDO TURA Bar Cabinet (Model 1208), 1960's 18-Mar-14
Parchment covered standing Bar by Aldo TURA, Italy 1960's. Model No. 1208, wooden construction covered with lacquered parchment, cream coloured and...
d Aldo Tura      p Tura   seller: Firma London
Eero AARNIO Bubble Chair, 1960's 18-Mar-14
An early example of the ORIGINAL Bubble Chair by Eero AArnio. Designed in 1968 and produced by Adelta (with makers label). Acrylic structure with...
d Eero Aarnio      p Adelta   seller: Firma London
MAZZEGA Glass Chandelier 18-Mar-14
MAZZEGA Glass Chandelier.
p Mazzega   seller: Firma London
WILLY RIZZO Revolving Table/ Bar March 2014
Revolving table/ bar, designed by Willy Rizzo, France, 1971. DARK BROWN laminate surface, brushed metal surround and polished stainless steel bowl...
d Willy Rizzo        seller: Firma London
VENINI Glass Chandelier March 2014
Large chandelier with amber and clear polyhedral glass pieces, hand blown in Murano. Designed by Carlo Scarpa, Italy. Some 200 glass pieces...
d Carlo Scarpa      p Venini   seller: Firma London
VENINI Ceiling Light, Italy March 2014
Chandelier by Venini, Italy, dating from the 1970's. Elegant 3 ceiling light comprises of clear Tronchi glass pieces, suspended from the original...
p Venini   seller: Firma London
Tortiglioni Glass Chandelier, 1960's March 2014
Large Tortiglioni glass chandelier with gold coloured metal frame, 1970's.
  seller: Firma London
ANGELO MANGIAROTTI Table Lamp March 2014
Table lamp designed by Angelo Mangiarotti.
d Angelo Mangiarotti        seller: Firma London
Pair of Wall Sconces March 2014
Pair of wall sconces with glass pieces, 1970's. One piece of glass with a small loss on the back.
  seller: Firma London
Italian 3-tier Trolley, 1950's February 2014
Italian 3-tier Trolley, 1950's.
  seller: Firma London
Sideboard in the manner of Jean Claude MAHEY, 1970's February 2014
Sideboard in the manner of Jean Claude MAHEY, 1970's.
  seller: Firma London
DASSI Book shelf, Italy 1950's February 2014
DASSI Book shelf, Italy 1950's.
p Dassi e Figli   seller: Firma London
Large Italian Wall mirror with engravings, 1950's
Large 10-piece Mirror with engravings of birds, Italy 1950's.
  seller: Firma London
Italian desk, 1960's February 2014
1960's Italian desk in chocolate brown wood. Produced by Esposizione Mobili Cantu, Italy.
p Cantu   seller: Firma London
Florence KNOLL Oval Dining Table February 2014
Elegant large dining table designed by Florence Knoll in the 1960's and produced by Knoll International. Thick dark wooden top on Star shaped chrome...
d Florence Knoll Basset      p Knoll International   seller: Firma London
INGO MAURER Bamboo Floor Lamp
Bamboo floor lamp, designed by Ingo Maurer in 1973. Brass coloured Stem, new white silk shade with gold rims.
d Ingo Maurer        seller: Firma London
LUMICA Table Lamp, Barcelona, 1970's
Table lamp by LUMICA, 1970's. Metal structure with sculptural glass centre piece.
p Lumica   seller: Firma London
Murano Glass Chandelier
Murano glass chandelier with hand blown 'spun sugar' leaves and chrome plated frame. Italy.
  seller: Firma London
Venini Wall Sconce, 1960's
Wall sconce by Venini, Italy 1960's. A single wall light with clear Murano glass pieces.
p Venini   seller: Firma London
ALDO TURA, Trolley, 1960's
Bar Trolley designed by Aldo Tura, Italy 1960's. Lacquered goat skin covered shelves with brass coloured legs and handle.
d Aldo Tura      p Tura   seller: Firma London
A.L.L.E.I.N. - Very large Metal Sign, Illuminated
Large illuminated metal sign, 1970's. Metal and perspex construction, re wired with new L.E.D. lights. Width: 413 cm = 162.60 " Depth: 17...
  seller: Firma London
MAZZEGA style Table Lamp, 1960's
Mazzega style Table lamp, Murano glass and chrome plated metal. Italy, 1960's.
  seller: Firma London
Oyster Chair by Pierre Paulin
Oyster Chair designed by Pierre Paulin in 1960 for Artifort. Vintage chair, re-upholstered in Kvadrat.
d Pierre Paulin      p Artifort   seller: Firma London
Large metal palm tree lamp, 1960's
Large Palm Tree Floor lamp, 1960's. Metal structure, painted in gilt.
  seller: Firma London
Gaetano Sciolari Chandelier
Large nickel plated ceiling light designed by Sciolari in the late 1960's. Dramatic construction with 17 light bulbs, great condition.
d Gaetano Sciolari      p Sciolari   seller: Firma London
'Triclinio' by Vico Magistretti
Rare 'Triclinio' ceiling lamp with 3 double diffuser glass shades. Designed by Vico Magistretti in 1961 and produced by Artemide, Italy. Opal glass...
d Vico Magistretti      p Artemide   seller: Firma London
Murano Glass Saddle Form Chandelier
Murano 5-tier chandelier with 'horse shoe' clear and orange glass. Chrome steel frame construction, Italy.
  seller: Firma London
Masculo Lounge Chair
The Masculo lounge chair, designed by GamFratesi in 2011. Upholstered in grey material with black metal structure. Denmark.
  seller: Firma London
Huge Interlocking MAZZEGA chandelier, Italy
Rare and huge Mazzega chandelier designed in the 1960's. Hand blown and interlocking pieces of slightly milky light blue glass pieces with an orange...
p Mazzega   seller: Firma London
Romeo Rega Coffee Table, 1960's
Brass and nickel plated coffee table by Romeo Rega, Italy 1960's.
d Romeo Rega        seller: Firma London
Very large VENINI Tronchi chandelier, Italy
Large Tronchi Glass Chandelier by Venini, Italy. Over 100 star shaped glass pieces on metal structure.
p Venini   seller: Firma London
VENINI Chandelier, 1960's
Glass chandelier by Venini, Italy 1960's. Decorative triangular glass pieces on metal structure.
p Venini   seller: Firma London
Set of 6 SAARINEN Executive Side Chairs, Knoll International
Set of 6 Chairs without armrests, re-upholstered in a luxurious OSBORNE & LITTLE cotton blend material. The Saarinen Executive collection was...
d Eero Saarinen      p Knoll International   seller: Firma London
Boyer style Table Lamp, 1970's
Boyer style Table Lamp, 1970's.
  seller: Firma London
FONTANA ARTE Glass Ashtray
Fontana Arte Ashtray with thick moulded smoked glass and brass structure and detail, 1950's. Fantastic sculptural piece!
p Fontana Arte   seller: Firma London
ALDO TURA, Ice Bucket
Ice Bucket, designed by Aldo Tura, Italy 1960's. Ice Bucket covered in lacquered goat skin, label underneath.
d Aldo Tura        seller: Firma London
The Lady by Marco Zanuso, 1951
The 'Lady' designed by Marco Zanuso for Arflex in 1951. Re-upholstered in Moleskin fabric. Reference: Gramigna, G. Repertorio del design...
d Marco Zanuso      p Arflex   seller: Firma London
'Cactus' Coat Hanger, Drocco & Mello 1986
No. 738/ 2000 edition edited by Gufram in 1986. A Cactus clothes stand designed by Guido Drocco and Franco Mello, released as an numbered edition....
d Guido Drocco, Franco Mello      p Gufram   seller: Firma London
Marco Zanuso, Triennale Curved Sofa, Arflex Italy
Slightly curved three-seat version of the TRIENNALE sofa, designed by Marco Zanuso in 1951. This sofa has been reupholstered in a luxurious slate...
d Marco Zanuso      p Arflex   seller: Firma London
French Table Lamp, 1970's
Table lamp with metal structure and square tinted acrylic lamp shade, France 1970's.
  seller: Firma London
Olivetti Studio B.B.P.R., 'Arco' Writing Desk
The 'Arco' writing desk, designed by Studio B.B.P.R. for Olivetti in 1963. Enameled steel, laminated plywood plastic table top, adjustable feet,...
p Olivetti   seller: Firma London
Italian Bookcase, 1950's
Italian Bookcase, 1950's.
  seller: Firma London
ARTELUCE Floor Lamnp, 1950's
Arteluce floor lamp with brass stem and brass arms. Two metal shades in light green and yellow. ITALY, 1950's.
p Arteluce   seller: Firma London
Carlo Nason Table Lamp, 1960's
Table lamp, designed by Carlo Nason, Italy, 1960's. Two round opalised glass pieces with a hint of pink on a black metal base.
d Carlo Nason        seller: Firma London
MURANO Glass Chandelier, Italy
Grand Murano 8-tier glass chandelier with well over 200 pieces of 'Tree bark' glass pieces. Cream coloured steel frame construction, Italy.
  seller: Firma London
Italian occasional Table, 1950's
Occasional table with marble top and decorated brass frame, Italy 1950's.
  seller: Firma London
WARREN PLATNER Lounge Chair & Foot Stool, Knoll International, 1966
Early Warren Platner Lounge Chair & foot stool, upholstered in TECNO wool material. Wire frame construction, produced by Knoll International, 1966. ...
d Warren Platner      p Knoll International   seller: Firma London
Pair of French Glass Table Lamps, 1960's
Pair of high table lamps, French, 1960's. Glass, metal and brass stems with dark grey silk shades.
  seller: Firma London
WILLY RIZZO Coffee Table by Sabot, 1972
Brown laminate coffee table designed by Willy Rizzo and produced by Mario Sabot, Italy 1972. With metal centre storage...
d Willy Rizzo      p Sabot   seller: Firma London
Sunburst Mirror, France
Metal Starburst Mirror with convex mirror insert, France. Stamped 'Madura' on the back.
p Madoura   seller: Firma London
Arteluce Floor Lamp, 1950's
Arteluce floor lamp with brass stem and long brass arm. Metal shade in red. Italy, 1950's.
p Arteluce   seller: Firma London
VENINI chandelier by Carlo Scarpa
Large Venini pink and blue polyhedral glass chandelier, consisting of hand blown glass pieces. Italy, 1960's. The Chandelier has been re-wired to...
d Carlo Scarpa      p Venini   seller: Firma London
Gold leaf wall sconce
Gold leaf wal sconce.
  seller: Firma London
RIZZO style bar, Italy 1960|70
Bar and illuminated Storage in the style of Willy Rizzo. Italy, early 1970's. The set comprises of a Counter with mirrored glass top, chrome sides...
  seller: Firma London
MAZZEGA Chandelier, 1960's
Large round Mazzega Chandelier with green coloured glass pieces suspended from metal chains. Italy, 1960's.
p Mazzega   seller: Firma London
ARTELUCE floor lamp, 1950's
Arteluce floor lamp with brass stem and long balancing brass arm with ball. Metal shade in cream. ITALY, 1950's.
p Arteluce   seller: Firma London
Couch Table, Italy 1970's
Elegant and sturdy chromed metal and glass couch table, Italy, 1970's.
  seller: Firma London
MAISON BAGUES style side table/ tray table
Tray table or occasional table in the style of Maison Bagues, Paris. Removable glass tray with handles. France 1960's.
  seller: Firma London
Large glass vase. Murano, Italy.
  seller: Firma London
Barcelona Chair, MIES VAN DER ROHE, Knoll International
Chocolate brown, buttoned leather-upholstered cushions and bent chromed steel frame with leather straps. Ludwig Mies van der Rohe, in collaboration...
d Ludwig Mies van der Rohe, Lilly Reich      p Knoll International   seller: Firma London
Vintage Zaiane Carpet
Very soft Tangerine coloured wool carpet with tassels, Morocco, 20th Century.
  seller: Firma London
Shaggy Middle Atlas Carpet
Heavy and very shaggy cream coloured Middle Atlas Carpet with dark brown design, Morocco, 20th Century. Nice hand spun wool.
  seller: Firma London
Shaggy BENI OUARAIN Carpet
Vintage Beni Ouarain carpet with cream coloured, shaggy hand spun wool. Simple graphic lattice design. Morocco, 20th Century.
  seller: Firma London
Zevi Bookcase/ Storage, 1970's
Bookcaswe by ZEVI, Italy in chrome steel and brass with tinted glass shelves. 1970's. Dimensions: Width: 76 cm Height: 201cm Length: 37 cm Wid...
p Zevi   seller: Firma London
'Papa Bear' Chair by Hans J. Wegner
The classic Papa Bear Chair by Hans J. Wegner, designed in 1953. French polished oak wood frame by PP Møbler of Denmark, recently...
d Hans J. Wegner      p AP Stolen   seller: Firma London
Italian Hanging Lamp, 1960's
Italian Hanging Lamp, 1960's.
  seller: Firma London
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