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- 10 Dec 2012

The images are probably far...
The images are probably far too small for anyone to make a meaningful observation about the chair.

- 10 Dec 2012

The photos are a little...
The photos are a little small so I can't really tell what we are looking at here- but was the man certain that it was a replica? Sometimes older folks just don't know what they have...clearly as demonstrated by the upholstery that was chosen for recovery...

also here are some past threads that talk about the "svend skipper" and identifying marks-

Hope these threads help a bit!

- 10 Dec 2012

my two cents
It would appear to be the real deal to me. I'm sure there are far more qualified people on the forum to give you a definitive answer on it, but from the research I've done on them it looks like the Wegner. The paws on the knockoffs are usually a dead giveaway.

If it is genuine, congrats on a gorgeous chair (albeit with hideous fabric). Earlier this year there was a Papa Bear with matching ottoman at auction in rural Iowa I thought I could snatch up for a decent price... it went for $5,000.

- 10 Dec 2012

seems... hit the jackpot!
I don't think there were any knockoffs being produced in denmark.

- 10 Dec 2012

it seems teak to me?
the inside is beautifully constructed out of solid beech.
How much did you pay if I may ask.

- 10 Dec 2012

I believe the Danish Furnitur...
I believe the Danish Furniture mark was first used on furniture in 1959 or 1960. There was a thread a few years back.

- 11 Dec 2012

Since it
clearly was reupholstered, perhaps (at the same time) the wood was stained -- perhaps to match other pieces in the setting. In that case, it might be teak ?

- 11 Dec 2012

Have you pulled away the...
Have you pulled away the rest of the dust cover on the bottom of the chair, to see if there is any additional stamps, such as an AP Stolen mark?

- 11 Dec 2012

I seem to recall someone saying that the paws on genuine papa bears are removable?

- 12 Dec 2012

Te chair is
Genuine as the balck danish furniture makers control board is applied by the manufacturer as a sign to show that the chair was tested by the furniture board and approved.

The paws are teak but in aweful dirty stained so can be brought back along with the legs to the rich colour using a little time and effort.

They are fitted to the frame with dowls so will pop out using a flat blade and gently lifting it.
You need them out anyway so the upholsterer can fit thefabric and piping.

Wen you upholster it make sure to get images of a official chair so you get the right look.

Some upholsterers simply drape a single piece of fabric over the back instead of the sewn squares. The sewn squares signify where the buttons fit. 4 squares meet and at the point is where the button is fitted.

- 13 Dec 2012

Try hard to find an upholsterer who has done these before or who at least cares enough to study how they should be done so that he or she gets it right. A lot of upholsterers will just say "yeah, yeah" to your questions and concerns and then do it the way they do any other chair.

There are many good photos of original Papa Bear chairs online where the proportions of the tufting can be worked out. Read the DA thread linked before for more information and be sure to watch the video linked in it.

It will be more work for you to do it this way but you can save money over shipping it to a specialty upholsterer, and a skilled upholsterer who enjoys a challenge and who appreciates fine furniture can do a good job of it even if he/she has never done one before.

- 21 Dec 2012

Your upholsterer can order from Maharam once she sets up an account (easy enough to do). Their site gives the following as a contact in Canada:


60 Adelaide Street East
Toronto, ON M5C 3E4
416.368.5200 Fax

I get fabric from them without stepping foot into the nearest showroom and I imagine it's no different for your upholsterer in Canada. Get some samples first (no charge for them) so that you're sure of the color.

- 23 Dec 2012

Now that is a Holy Grail find!
a Papa Bear for 600? Are you kidding? I'd have a seizure if I ever came across a find like that. Enjoy,and Happy Holidays!

- 07 Jan 2013

I guess this isn't news
but I am simply amazed by how hideous upholstery can make a stunning, hideous? I can't wait to see the chair post make-over

- 07 Feb 2013

Hey Are you consider to...

Are you consider to sell the chair? I will give you a good price


(edited by DA - no sales on the forum please)

- 08 Feb 2013

Not Wegner
I will be the dissenting voice. There is another Danish company called "Svend Skipper" that makes a chair very much like the Papa Bear. A subtle difference is that the Skipper has a straight cut-out on the side of the chair and the Wegner has a slight wavy curve.

The Skipper is not a shabby chair at all. Very comfortable.

- 08 Feb 2013

I'm always amazed how people...
I'm always amazed how people with incorrect information can be so publicly confident in their statements.

All it takes is a simple 10 second "svend skipper" google search to see that the OP's chair is not a svend skipper. (Hint, if you only have 3 seconds instead of 10, just compare the paws).

- 23 Mar 2013

Do not change the webbing
Leaving as much original as possible retains more of the value. Some staining is inconsequential. I would only replace the webbing if it was not structurally stable.

Hope you have an expert upholsterer, that is not an easy chair to redo correctly.

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