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1930s majestic refrigerator??????

- 21 Jul 2011 -
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I have recently come across a neet old refrigerator made by majestic and it looks very much like an antique radio it's free for the taking and appears to be solid and very heavy. I've searched and searched the net i canot find anything more than a couple antique ads for the refrigerator. I am wondering is it worth rescuing this old unit


- 21 Jul 2011

an answer

An answer is, restore this unit for your own satisfaction at all cost, to generate a profit put your money in the bank. The market for this type of item is very narrow and depressed. Buy this or something similar piece already professionally restored it will be less expensive in the long term..

- 21 Jul 2011

Save it or let it rot?
Thank you for your response on the old refrigerator i am not are really looking to spend money to restore the old refrigerator I just hate to see the old stuff like that just going to waste after surviving all this time it was inside an abandoned building for years I recently noticed that the old building has been torn down. now the refrigerators is lying there in the woods but it will take a lot of work to that thing get it out of the woods if it's somewhat rare and somewhat valuable I was just thinking of giving it a home under my shelter until somebody comes along that does want to restore it.

- 21 Jul 2011

true desire

If your true desire is to save this for another, have a tow truck retrieve this for you. This is easy and inexpensive. More power to you. Good luck.

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