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Alky chair by Giancarlo Piretti for anonima Castelli

- 06 Feb 2018 -
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Friends, I bought three alky chairs but how the hell can you tell th're the real stuff? There are no marks or names on them. They look seventies... tx


- 06 Feb 2018

There is no market for knock offs yet. These can be used as a single chair or in tandem using connectors made by Castelli & don't just push it against the wall, the back is meant to be seen.

- 07 Feb 2018

Thx minimoma, do you know anything about the manufacturing process ?
Kind regards

- 07 Feb 2018

The chair has a steel skeleton/frame wrapped in moulded foam & has a zippered upholstery (but not removable). Don't let the foam deteriorate or dry up, it will lose it's shape & not as easy to repair unless you are familiar with the process or have worked with forming/moulding foam.

- 07 Feb 2018

Minimoma, how can you stop the foam from deteriorating or drying up? Sprinkeling it? Putting it outside once in a while? Or putting it in a room thats not too warm and that gets ventilated now and then...grtz

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