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Any experience with ordering from

- 29 Dec 2005 -
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Has anyone ordered from steelclassic? I wanted to order two LC2 armchairs from them. I thougt that there is no risk indoing so, because you can pay cash by delivery. However, after I had placed my order, I got the email, saying that only payment by credit card is accepted from customers in Switzerland. I'm not sure whethter I should order by credit card or not... has anyone had experiences with ordering from them?


- 29 Dec 2005

Thank you Tilanus! That's a...
Thank you Tilanus! That's a first experience. Still we don't know what to think of the company... We will wait for more replies! C U

- 31 Jan 2006

i ordered 2 LC2 chairs from t...
i ordered 2 LC2 chairs from them. they did not wanted to deliver them to switzerland (legal reasons resp. bad experiences with confiscation at customs, thats probably the reason why they want you to pay by credit card in advance, so then it's up to you to get the stuff out of custom). I did not want to take that risk so i had the chairs delivered to a storehouse in germany near the swiss border. there i collected them by paying cash. no problems at customs as importing them for private use is perfectly legal. Another item i ordered at steelclassic was a glass top fitting the LC6 table (i own a cassina LC 6 with a wooden top. I wanted to change the top so i just had to order the top). As it was just an ordinary rectangular glass without any signs on it, there were no problems for steelclassic to send it to switzerland. I paid cash on delivery. Both times i was very satisfied with the quality i received, although it took about 3 Month until i received the goods.

- 08 Jan 2018

Ich habe Stühle bestellt. Sie waren kein guter Nachbau des Breuer Entwurfs.
Die Möglichkeit der Rücksendung ist nicht gegeben: KEINERLEI Reaktion auf eMail, Chat und Telefon. Die Telefonnummer gibt es gar nicht.
Nur kaufen, wenn man keinesfalls zurückgeben will.

I ordered chairs. They were not a good replica of the Breuer design.
The possibility of return is not given: NO RESPONSE to email, chat and phone. The phone number doesn't exist.
Only buy if you don't want to give it back.

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