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Is Anyone Using a Verona Chandelier?

- 06 Apr 2017 -
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Is anyone using a Verona Chandelier designed by Middelboe?

I was wondering if it gives you enough light or does it just end up functioning more or less as sculpture?

I've seen some danish chandeliers that while very nice, don't do anything to light a room and you end up needing recessed flood lighting.

I really like this light, but don't want to go blind for style.


- 19 Jan 2018

Last year, my neighbour had installed Verona Chandelier and it gives one 7-watt candelabra base bulb for bottom decorative glass with rustic art glass shades. Most of the Electricians in Havertown PA say that these Verona Chandelier needs professional installation because it has a delicate glass arm and lightly etched glass candelabra holders.

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