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Anyone know this pottery signature?

- 01 Aug 2012 -
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I picked up this little studio pottery animal, I think it's a hedgehog, for 25 cents at a yard sale last week. I know I've seen this mark before, but my memory has seen better days and research has revealed nothing so far....any help appreciated.


- 01 Aug 2012

Andersen Design Studio - I've seen this mark attributed to them in the past.

- 01 Aug 2012

With your help loft24,
I remembered where I had seen that maker's mark before. I had to dig through a few boxes in my storage to find it but here it is...

This little plate I got ages ago bears the same marking, the glaze on the little hedgehog is very similar.

Andersen it is, so thank you for that :-)

Now I'm off to see what else I've forgotten I have...

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