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Anyone know the real story behind the Les Arcs leather sling chair / stool?

Product design
- 01 Oct 2015 -
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Product design

We've all seen them... Just wondering if anyone has definitive information (e.g. reference) regarding this chair and stool. Often attributed to Perriand, but the consensus seems to indicate that she did not actually design it.

Anyone know the real story behind the Les Arcs leather sling chair / stool?


- 03 Oct 2015

"Not everything dubbed Perriand, however, is indisputably Perriand. At Les Arcs, for instance, she directed a team of talented contributors and sourced outside vendors, some of whose works have been mistakenly attributed to her. According to the designer’s only child and sometime collaborator, Pernette Perriand-Barsac, a leather-clad chrome side chair used extensively at Les Arcs -and widely sold as one of her mother’s works- was actually purchased in bulk from DalVera, a now-defunct Italian manufacturer. "It’s a very beautiful chair," son-in-law Jacques Barsac told AD, "but it’s not by Charlotte Perriand."

Mitchell Owens. "Collecting Charlotte Perriand’s Wood Furniture". Architectural Digest, March 2012

- 05 Oct 2015

Thank you, Andres, for the helpful information! :)

- 14 Oct 2015

For additional confirmation, I contacted Cassina as well since the chairs are often advertised by sellers as being manufactured by them.

Dear sir
Thank you for your email.
The chair you are inquiring about was used by Charlotte Perriand in the homes she designed in Les Arcs. However, the chairs were NOT designed by her, despite the information which is commonly found in catalogs at auctions. Cassina does not produce them.

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