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Arabia enamel - designer?

- 14 May 2008 -
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Anyone know who designed this range of Arabia enamelled ware? I guess either Kaj Franck or Antti Nurmesniemi (if i spelt that right its a miracle)


- 14 May 2008

Unfortunately it.... wrong. The designer that did most of the enameled Finel line, and in this case the pot you are showing is Heikki Mallet.Anti Nurmesniemi did the coffeepot and Kaj Franck a number of pieces of which the bowls are best known.

- 15 May 2008

I stand corrected
You can always learn something new. I checked the book Konsthantverk i Finland 1875-1975, mentioned on the Designed for Finland site, and it is Seppo Mallat who designed the pots for Wärtsilä. You can find some extra info on Google.

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