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Arne Vodder 164 Lounge Chair - thoughts about choice of fabric?

- 29 Jun 2016 -
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We just bought a gorgeous Arne Vodder 164 Lounge Chair that we want to re-upholster.

I am a fan of nubbly wools - Maharam Pebble Wool in birch is a big fave but unless we can find it on ebay or at Modern-Fabrics, a bit too expensive.

What do you think of Camira Craggan in bracken? See the amazing job Matt of Modwerks did with it on a unique set of mid-century modern chairs.

Would love to hear your thoughts and suggestions?


lounge & easy chairs
1960 - 1969


- 29 Jun 2016

I like them both, though I'd hold out for the Pebble Wool if it was my chair. But that's only because that's one of my favorite fabrics ever. It has more texture than Craggan. The loops of wool are more...loopy? than Craggan's, and it's softer, I think.

You can get swatches within a few days from Maharam. I don't know about Camira---I had to set up an account with them first and even then some guy called and wanted to know more about my business. That was very weird and kind of put me off them---another personal bias! They did send the swatches, though, but I'm not sure they send them if you don't have a tax ID for one of the related trades.

I think they're both very good fabrics. In the end it's just a matter of which you love more.

The new Tonus colors are nice, too, but Tonus is a less nubbly weave. Very fuzzy, though--and a Danish classic going way back.

Below are details shots of three chairs I redid in Pebble Wool- the first one was actually charcoal gray but it looks almost like a dark blue in the photos.

- 29 Jun 2016

Mmmmm - so good! Thanks so much - your work is amazing and just confirms how much I love Pebble Wool.

Thanks again,


- 29 Jun 2016

You're quite welcome. If you're patient and diligent, you will eventually get a good deal on a fabric you love. I've gotten a bunch of Pebble Wool on eBay for not much money, including 4-5 yards of maroon that wasn't labeled and the seller hadn't figured it out. You don't need a whole lot for that chair, either, which makes it easier. Good luck!

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