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Arne Vodder for Skovby?

Product design
- 11 Apr 2012 -
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Product design

I take it that this is a common error? I have seen the sideboard below accredited as a Vodder design for Skovby - is this right? I have also seen the same sideboard listed on Decopedia as a Sibast product, by Vodder and elsewhere as Dyrlund by Vodder. Can anyone clarify? The second sideboard has different legs but I presume is made by the same manufacturer and designer? All very confusing....



- 11 Apr 2012

The drawers do look a bit...
The drawers do look a bit like Vodder. The sliding doors remind me of a Gunni Omann for Axel Christensen design. You might want to search that. Hope that helps!

- 11 Apr 2012

I did notice that
I expect that it's most likely a Skovby piece, that has 'borrowed' the doors from Omann, and the drawers from Vodder?

- 17 Apr 2012

dyrlund sticker in mine
I've got the one on the top picture and there's a dyrlund sticker on the inside.
I've seen it listed as Arne Vodder for Dyrlund as well but I can't confirm if it's a Arne Vodder design or not.

- 17 Apr 2012

They all borrow
From thetriennale series which vodder did for sibast.

A few danish companies, skovby, used the popularity of vodders series and made several that borrowed the curved drawer front from the triennale drawers.

Populartiy breeds copycats

- 22 Feb 2015

Great Dane here in Sydney worked with Arne Vodder to bring back some of his pieces into production so they would know but they have never listed a vintage one of these as Vodder.

It is simply people misrepresenting this piece to try command more money.When one does it somewhere in the world other people quote that same listing and ignore all the other available evidence because it suits their agenda.

I guess that is the great thing about Design Addict being a good resource to find the truth.

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