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Authentic LCW?

- 29 Nov 2012 -
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Im a crazy huge Eames fan and unbelievably one day my dad picked me up a chair he found in a garbabge pile that he thought I may like. He said it was very comfortable and when he emailed me the picture I nearly passed out because it surely resmbled an LCW chair. In a garbage pile! no way! I couldnt wait to physically see the chair. I now have it in my posession and love it wether its authentic or not. Of course I will love it more once I know more about it. From what I have figured out, I think it may be the older LCW produced by Evans. My concern is that the back of the seat has screws going through it. I have only seen this on one other LCW and they said it was because someone tried to remount it. Maybe someone can check out my pics and let me know what they think. Any info would be greatly appreciated.
Pics here:


- 29 Nov 2012

looks correct to me
nice find, it looks like the real deal to me and the 5-2-5 pattern is indicative of an early Evans production.

- 29 Nov 2012

I like it, too.
Great patina, and the repair is worth a pro job.

If you can't find someone to do it right or you're not ready to pay the price and the chair seems stable as is, don't mess with it.

Nice find. Your pa has a good eye. Lucky you!

- 29 Nov 2012

It's authentic
if only because the spine is tapered -- the back part is thinner than the rest.

Nice "patina" and color. I wouldn't touch it. No repair would leave you with the consistent surface and color that's there now.

(Now we'll see newer production chairs modified with a belt sander so the spine is tapered ? Of course, that would involve re-veneering the outside surface -- and the tapered inner plies would still be absent. Pickers beware . . .)

- 29 Nov 2012

Yes that is what I always tell people , the mystical magical garbabge pile. I love telling the story of how I acquired it. It really adds to the piece. The "garbage pile" is actually some northern Michigan hillbillies land that is on the dirt road leading up to my parents property. The people who own it are a bunch of alcoholics and they get paid to take care of other peoples trash. Had they known what this chair was worth, they wouldnt have had to ever take anyones trash again for beer money. I guess when they made this dump, it was from an older womans house who died, had an estate sale, and whatever didnt sell, ended up in the burn pile. I tend to think this may have been the chair that the estate auctioneer may have sat on when he or she collected the money, and perhaps after the sale it was forgotten about, and then brought to the trash pile. My dad knows my style grabbed it, and now it sits proudly near my other 2 Eames chairs.

- 29 Nov 2012

Most of my good friends are alcoholics.
your chair has a nice patina.

- 30 Nov 2012

"Had they known what this...
"Had they known what this chair was worth"

with the screws on the backrest, the value isn't so high..

anyway, nice patina

- 30 Nov 2012

still worth some beer money
even with the drilled backs it is still worth more than a few cases of beer.

- 30 Nov 2012

And if it were properly restored,
it might be even worth a few cases of decent bourbon.

Oh, crap. Now I'm thirsty. Is it noon yet?

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