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Borge Mogensen Sideboard...but is the hutch Borge Mogensen?

- 28 Jan 2015 -
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Hello all,

Quick question about this Borge Mogensen sideboard I picked up a while back. I've removed the hutch and am enjoying it without. That said, I'm trying to make some room and was thinking about getting rid of the hutch portion. It is stamped with the Danish Control Label, finished on the back...and is generally nicer than the average hutch I've seen.

Is this part of the design of this piece? Did Borge Mogensen design this as part of the overall piece? Or was it an add on when purchased back in the day?A

I just want to make sure I'm not getting rid of something that is meant to be part of the overall design.

Many thanks!

shelving & storage


- 29 Jan 2015

I believe that is Søborg model 160, and the hutch is not model 161.  

So no they are not a matched pair. 

- 29 Jan 2015

Thank you very much Leif. I appreciate your help. I will move foward with making more room in the house!


Cdsilva - the sideboard came with the four drawers I believe it is meant to have. However it was missing one of the shelves on the left side... I was actually going to ask the forum where I might be able to locate such a shelf..

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