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Bought B&B Alanda table and seller claims its authentic

- 13 Nov 2012 -
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Hi everyone!

I've been lurking around here for quite a while now and just decided to sign up and start posting. Now maybe you guys can help me out with this one:

I found a used Alanda table online from aprivate seller, he told me that the table was authentic, around 10 years old and that he had bought it at a renowned furniture store in Cologne, Möbel Pesch. He apparently wasn't aware of the rareness of the table and didn't even know the brand, leave alone the product name. I paid 145 ? and picked it up last weekend.

Now a friend of mine also owns an authentic Alanda (which his parents bought in the 80's) and he noticed that there are a few differences between our tables. Mainly the dimensions (my Alanda measures 100x100x30 cm whereas his isn't as high but much wider) and the glass top which sits on small feet between the frame on his table, whereas the glass top lies flat on top of the frame on my table.

I contacted B&B but they just sent me the product sheet and couldn't help me any more. Can anyone of you tell me if there was a production period during which the glass top was placed on top of the construction rather than between the frame and did the Alanda come in these dimensions? I'll also add pictures in a few minutes.

Thanks in advance!



- 13 Nov 2012

I've seen that thread.. :(...
I've seen that thread.. :( Here are some photos:

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