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Bruksbo, Veggen Deluxe

- 25 Jun 2012 -
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I have a number of pieces which make up a wall unit from this company circa mid 60's.
I am minus the metal shelf fittings and am wondering if anyone can help me find some ?

Any info would be much appreciated.



- 10 Feb 2014

Still looking for parts? Selling?
Curious if you ever found your hardware? Are you considering selling your unit parts

- 05 Oct 2014

I am still searching for some parts .... The metal fittings for hanging the cabinets and shelves and perhaps a couple of upright as I have seven units in total and 5 uprights.

if anyone can point me in the right direction it would be much appreciated.

my father imported the units from the factory in the mid sixties following a trip to Scandinavia and it was in constant use in our family home for many years.

i inherited what was left of it and interestingly it came with the original factory brochure and price list.

i would love to put it back into use again.

- 06 Oct 2014

I have a rather large amount of Veggen De Luxe parts.  I may have extra when I get the rest installed in the next month or two.  


There are different depth shelves with different sized brass hangers.  And then there are different brackets to hang the case pieces.  It might be helpful to know what you actually have/need.


I would be interested in the catalog and price list.  Especially because I have some odd pieces that I've never seen on the internet before.

- 28 Oct 2014

There are a few references to Veggen De Luxe wall units on DA, but not many photos. So, I guess this thread is as good as any to post a couple of shots of a one-bay unit that I picked up last weekend. Fits nicely in an open spot near the back kitchen door. Unfortunately, a previous owner decided to cut about 6" off of the rails (but still kept the pieces with the unit).

I don't have any experience with Cado wall units, but the Bruksbo is decent quality-wise. It's teak veneer on hardwood (maybe beech). Shelf hangers are brass, with hidden stainless steel cabinet and desk hangers.

I don't think the screws that fasten the rails to the wall are original, as they look like black sheetrock screws with shallow domes. Some brass machine screws came in a baggie, but I'm not sure what they are for or if they are original with the unit.

- 29 Oct 2014

What is inside the cabinet?  

My Veggen De Luxe came with a shelf as though for a liquor cabinet (has a cut out area for tall bottles), but it doesn't fit inside the only cabinet in the set. It is 33" wide exactly.

If it will fit your cabinet I'd be happy to gift it to you.

- 29 Oct 2014

leif, here's a shot of the inside shelving module (taken by the seller). It's tacked to the back panel and could be removed if needed. The cut ends of the rails are tucked into the back like Jeffery Dahmer's freezer.


Thanks for the offer, but I'll stick with the current module. And as can be seen in the first photo, there is no room to expand this installation to a two-bay unit in the future. I would be interested in seeing a photo of your screws that fasten the rails to the wall.

- 29 Oct 2014

Mine didn't come with any screws to attach to the wall.  It had been moved once in its history, and then removed from the wall before I purchased it.  

The countersunk holes very strongly indicate that a standard wood screws head is the intended item, so I purchased new brass wood screws.

I may have more uprights and shelves when I am done.  The set I got was absolutely enormous (40 shelves and a few case pieces).  I would not be surprised to discover, when I am done installing that I still have 20 shelves left over, if you are interested in adding bays.....

- 09 Feb 2015

Hi Leif,

I have a small Bruksbo wall unit like this and am interested in adding a bit to it. How do I contact you? Thanks.

- 09 Feb 2015

Hi Leif, This will forward to me for 24 hours

- 09 Jul 2015

I know the thread is a little old, but I am interested if anyone has any spare uprights-shelf hangers they are not using. I recently got a rather large Veggen De Luxe system and would like to split it out some.



- 05 Sep 2015

I have recently received several pieces from this system (pictured) but I'm also missing the mounting strips and hardware. I would be very interested in buying shelves (teak) too. If you still have some, please let me know how I can contact you.

- 26 Sep 2015

Hi! I have a set of Bruksbo teak shelving and am good on hardware except for the specialized hardware to mount a 2 door cabinet and a slanting magazine shelf. I love this set! I have the sales brochure that came with - it is really fun to look at if you are into MCM interiors.

- 19 Oct 2016

I have multiple strips, shelves, and brackets that i'd be willing to sell or trade. I'm really looking for a desk unit, or a shelf that's 16 inches deep or more. Message me for info on what I have.

- 19 Oct 2016

cg_9000 - I'm interested in those parts. Please send me more information about what you have for sale. My email:

- 29 Jan 2017

I also have one of these units and am interested in purchasing a 16" deep desk shelf as well as brass mounting brackets if anyone has one available. Would also consider a cabinet with drawers. Will provide email upon request. Thanks!

- 07 Dec 2017

I am considering purchasing some components for the BRUKSBO's Veggen De Luxe; the bar, 3 drawer/door box, 2 door box and a shelf. I see it in person this weekend, however it looks like it has been retrofitted. It has a back, which doesn't appear in any of the research I've done and looks to be on a solid base. Does anyone know how available the wall brackets with legs are? Or had any luck getting this fabricated. Would also like additional shelves if anyone has extras for sale.

The components are a reasonable price but only if I can find brackets, would prefer to have legs / free standing in lieu of hanging from the wall. Would like to purchase this weekend if I can find the proper accessories.

I've attached two photos, one of what I would like the other of what is for sale.

Thank you!

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