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Cado Rails

- 17 Aug 2017 -
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I dont know if in the right place but.... Im trying to find Cado accessories eg rails to buy?

Any ideas please?

shelving & storage


- 24 Aug 2017

Actually looking for a rosewood solid backboard to complete my Poul Cado system ....
Any condition will do...
Thank you

- 07 Jan 2018

Did you end up finding anything? We just picked up a 6 piece unit with no rails the other day so my dad is going to attempt to replicate some rails since finding them online seems fruitless.

- 13 Jan 2018

Which system do you have? Cado or Royal? I've got some rails for the System Cado that I could sell. I'd even be willing to trade for some shelves and brackets.

- 13 Jan 2018

I have been looking for some System Cado wall standards. I dont have any extra brackets or shelves, but might ave something else to trade. What length are those?

- 13 Jan 2018

Yes....I’m still looking for a rail.... it’s for Cado ...not Royal...
Just one rail is perfect for me...
Ulterior you have one?
Ivoryregretts....did you succeed in replicating them?

- 15 Jan 2018

I've got two spare 7' wall straps, and also have two spare double sided tension pole standards. I had a decent woodworker split one of the tension rods into two useable wall straps last month. They came out great.

- 15 Jan 2018

Replicating them is relatively easy, but quite tedious. You would need a decent drill press, and the correct diameter forstner bit. After that, it is just layout and then repetition. I suspect there might be the opportunity to make a jig to assist the process.

The difficult part, would be finding the afromosia, I suspect. 6-8' lengths of 4/4 to 5/4 Afromosia (I cant remember the thickness off hand), probably run you the same cost as just buying the finished wall standards second hand, not to mention the time saved. A slightly different story if you have the oak or walnut versions, as the material is far, far less of a cost, ... then it mostly comes down to time.

If I could find a cheap source of Afromosia, then it might be worth designing a jig for this as a side source of income. I could get a 'made in denmark' embosser, and I would be in business.

- 04 Apr 2018

I am interested in purchasing 2 Cado rails

can you message me?

in US


- 11 Apr 2018

hello ulterior IG is @louchemilieu please let me know if I can purchase rails, thanks

- 11 Apr 2018

Zephyr, I think you could easily lap lengths to make them however long you wanted, given that they are screwed into the wall.

- 12 Apr 2018

I think it was rockland, formerly active here, that documented his making of reproduction Cado rails years ago complete with photos of his jig for accurately boring holes. I tried a quick search of the archive but came up short. Maybe someone else wants to try harder? IIRC, he used either walnut or mahogany with a stain or dye to get close to color match.

- 12 Apr 2018

Too bad the jig images are no longer there.

I suppose you could join smaller pieces of afromosia, but it would not be true to the original (I am, typically, a bit of stickler for that).

I do have a little over 100 lbf of teak, so if I am willing to go past being 100% correct, I would probably just use teak.

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